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Woolworths Metro60 Uses Bloomreach Engagement and Bloomreach Content To Ensure Fast Grocery Delivery


Story Behind the Brand

Woolworths Supermarkets is an Australian chain of supermarkets and grocery stores owned by Woolworths Group. Founded in 1924, Woolworths is Australia’s biggest supermarket chain and the overall largest retailer in Australia. The company is driving forward the future of grocery shopping with its app Metro60. With this app dedicated to grocery delivery, customers get the best of Woolworths delivered in under 60 minutes.

weeks total implementation time of Bloomreach Engagement and Bloomreach Content for Metro60
personalized customer SMS, push, or email communications sent over the first three months after launch
suburbs delivered to within three months of launch


Metro60 is the new way to get your groceries in Australia. Woolworths is bringing hot food, sushi, flowers, and so much more to customers’ doorsteps all over the country in less than 60 minutes.

But just having a home delivery grocery service isn’t enough in today’s digital-first world. Woolworths needed a great platform to power that app — one that could derive key customer insights and make data-driven decisions based on customer behavior in real time. After all, delivering a connected omnichannel experience would be impossible without these things.

With customers increasingly expecting personalized experiences, how could Woolworths manage personalization, content management, and other key aspects of its app, all while offering a seamless customer journey and experience?

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The combination of Bloomreach Engagement and Bloomreach Content proved to be the perfect solution to power the Metro60 app and offering.

Bloomreach Engagement is a single platform that allows marketers to put their customer data to work personalizing customer experiences, while Bloomreach Content is a content management system that allows companies to manage their storefront and easily add products to any page. These two solutions worked together to serve Woolworths by personalizing the customer experience at scale — and with only minimal day-to-day management needed.

To create targeted campaigns for customers, Bloomreach Engagement leans on partner commercetools, which provides critical product data to Woolworths and other customers to understand individual past behavior with a brand. commercetools supports Woolworths specifically as a platform to ingest data into Bloomreach Engagement which powers consent, product catalog, product availability catalog and purchase event processes.

Woolworths does this via and easy-to-use webhooks within Engagement. This allows the company to enhance customer profiles to improve segmentation and facilitates triggered emails/SMS messages to customers as well.

Additionally, Woolworths has native app preview and drag-and-drop functionalities within Metro60 for both iOS and Androids SDKs to ensure that Metro60 can always be easily updated and the user experience is always top notch for shoppers. The customer experience can be personalized on Metro60 so customers are always seeing the products that are most relevant to them. First, Bloomreach Engagement will segment customers to receive their personalized content. Then, Bloomreach Content will display the segmented content accordingly.

There was also the added complexity of multi-store inventory, and fulfilling customer orders from a Woolworths store local to the customer. This meant Woolworths needed to fully take advantage of the flexibility and scale of Bloomreach Engagement to ensure that large volumes of high-frequency data were properly ingested and managed. This way, the customer experience would not be interrupted by things like out of stock issues.

Using Bloomreach Engagement and Bloomreach Content, our team can build out the personalized experiences we know will differentiate us to customers and drive results — not only on the app, but across email, SMS, and push.


Jamie Gagliardi

Head of Marketing & Growth, Metro60


Thanks to Bloomreach and its strategic partners, commercetools and Wunderman Thompson Commerce, it took Woolworths just seven weeks to implement both Bloomreach Engagement and Bloomreach Content and get them up and running for Metro60.

Woolworths rolled the platform out to Melbourne and Sydney initially, with other cities ready to follow as the platform soon scales. Metro60 is pleased with the growth results achieved thanks to the collaboration with Bloomreach. Bloomreach Engagement has processed over 25 million customer events to drive personalization and relevance with over 200,000 personalized customer SMS, push, or email communications sent over the three months since the initial launch.

Wunderman Thompson Commerce is a global commerce and technology partner that works with brands, retailers, and organizations to build customer experiences that move people from inspiration to transaction, and to help these brands achieve genuine growth in innovative and creative ways.

Bloomreach and the aforementioned partners are members of the MACH Alliance, which educates and supports digital commerce and advocates for open and best-of-breed enterprise technology systems. Working with Woolworths on this exciting and innovative project — one that offers genuine value to consumers — was a great example of what true partnerships can achieve rapidly for clients. With a truly collaborative approach to the whole project from day one, we were able to overcome barriers, drive results, and achieve a great outcome for Woolworths and its customers.

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