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RoadLords Uses Bloomreach Engagement to Drive Mobile User Engagement

RoadLords is a truck GPS navigation app with maps of most of Europe, including Turkey and Russia. It is designed to choose the best route for large vehicles and covers live traffic information — such as incidents and police controls.

the percentage of RoadLords’ users that engaged in an NPS campaign thanks to use of Bloomreach Engagement’s in-app messages

The Challenge

After successfully acquiring users through paid ads and referral campaigns, RoadLords needed a solution to engage them within its native app environment. 

Strictly mobile only, RoadLords was already using Bloomreach Engagement, which is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), for its mobile marketing capabilities to serve customers. That included using push notifications to engage inactive users and webhooks to direct message users within the app. 

But RoadLords wanted to do more with Bloomreach Engagement. And that led to the use of in-app messages to engage active users on the app.

The Solution

RoadLords’ goal is to develop as a community-driven truck navigation system. The team’s focus is to encourage more driver interactions within the app and create more user-generated content — including road incident reports and points of interest — to enrich maps. 

The more time spent on the app, the more likely that content is to be created by users. To help facilitate this content creation, and with the goal of increasing engagement by users who have already downloaded the app, RoadLords began using Bloomreach Engagement’s in-app messages.  

In-app messaging is the perfect way to engage and retain your best customers. It is a built-in channel within Bloomreach Engagement that allows your company to display relevant content to your customers within the native environment of your mobile app. 

Unlike push messages that are designed to bring back inactive customers who have opted in, in-app messages are used to engage your active customers within the app. 

Gathering customer feedback is a great place to start with in-app messaging. RoadLords used in-app messaging to help facilitate a net promoter score campaign.

The Results

RoadLords sent an in-app message to users in the hopes that they would follow the prompt and participate in the NPS campaign. If willing, a user would then be directed straight to a survey, which was also created using Bloomreach Engagement. 

The user would then complete the survey and RoadLords would have access to the data for further analysis and reporting. 

In its inaugural interaction, 11% of RoadLords’ user base engaged with the NPS campaign that was implemented using in-app messages.