Enhance the Shopping Experience With Personalized Content

Personalize every piece of content across each touchpoint. Your team can use omnichannel personalization to boost business with messaging, banners, and images.

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Present Shoppers With the Content That Matters to Them

Make the vision for your content a reality with our fast, visual editor. You can easily set up segments to tailor every piece of content to each audience for increased conversions. Best of all, you don't need your design or development team to get started.

Speak to Your Consumers With Custom Designs and Page Composition

Arrange any element on your ecommerce site, like text, images, or menu items, to deliver customized layouts that accommodate each visitor’s preferences. Not only will this decrease bounce rates, but it’ll also keep visitors engaged with your products and services, making a big impact on revenue.

Customize Customer Journeys, Not Just Touchpoints

Create one consistent, personalized experience across the entire customer journey. Your team can coordinate and consolidate touchpoints with the same individual message. Now, you’ll get the best conversion rates possible by aligning with your global marketing strategy.

Create Personalized Campaigns at Scale for Big Results

Easily group personalized content changes for specific marketing campaigns and trigger workflows. We make it simple to layer multiple personalized experiences, such as loyalty and holiday campaigns. This will help target the right customer with the right message at the right time.

As a headless CMS, it has been straightforward to implement our service catalog of designs and components into the platform.

"Bloomreach has supported us in delivering a new web platform on a fast delivery schedule and enabling an extended community of content editors to quickly onboard."

Content Personalization FAQs

Common questions about our Content Personalization product with Bloomreach Content.

Content personalization is a strategy that involves using data insights about users (or in the case of ecommerce, customers) to deliver content that is relevant and tailored to their interests, preferences, or behavior. The goal of content personalization is to enhance the shopping experience, drive engagement, and ultimately foster loyalty and increase revenue.

A content personalization strategy is an effective tool for creating unique experiences for different visitors on ecommerce platforms. By leveraging data about customer habits, preferences, and behaviors, ecommerce businesses can design personalized landing pages and VIP sections that resonate with individual customers. A top performing content personalization software helps your business drive revenue and meet KPIs.

Content personalization in ecommerce refers to the practice of creating personalized experiences for customers shopping online. It involves using customer data — such as past purchases, browsing behavior, and personal information — to tailor the shopping experience to each individual's preferences and needs, helping them find the right product at the right moment.

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