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Tatry Mountain Resorts Uses Bloomreach and Voxwise To Drive Customer Engagement


Story Behind the Brand

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Slovakia, Tatry Mountain Resorts is one of the largest resort operators in Europe. TMR operates a complex set of businesses, including ski resorts, waterparks, amusement parks, restaurants, sports shops, and hotels. 

increase in ski days per season on influenced customers at TMR ski resorts


When customers enter a Tatry Mountain Resorts ski liftgate with a Gopass card, a datapoint is tracked for each gate entered. This helps track where skiers exited the lift on top of the mountain and allows TMR to calculate the skied distances based on liftgates located at different points on the mountain.

TMR’s challenge? Collecting all of that data and using it to help optimize the customer experience at its ski resorts. The hope was that by delivering personalized ski statistics to valued customers, TMR could create a more complete and impactful experience on the slopes.

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The combination of the Bloomreach Engagement platform and the creativity and solutions provided by Voxwise proved to be the perfect solution for Tatry Mountain Resorts.

Using Bloomreach Engagement to collect customer data, Voxwise created a way for TMR skiers to move from level to level and earn rewards depending on how many kilometers they skied in a weekend and how many weekends they spent skiing with TMR. For example, for skiing 100 kilometers per season, a customer will reach the “racer” status.

Since TMR knew how many kilometers customers have skied daily, Voxwise developed this use case to motivate customers to ski the maximum number of kilometers during the ski season.

After achieving “hero” status by skiing for two weekends during the season, customers can receive a real badge that can be placed on their helmet, skis, or snowboard. However, the stickers can only be picked up in TMR sports shops, creating extra visits to mountain retail stores and creating more opportunities to generate revenue.

After collecting all of the aforementioned customer data points in Bloomreach Engagement, ski statistics were created and delivered to customers so they could track how they were doing in the program. Customers receive personalized messages containing all the data from their ski session and how many kilometers were left to hit their next goal. This was sent to the customer upon completion of their ski day.

Thanks to Bloomreach Engagement’s functionality, Tatry Mountain Resorts can process its customer data at scale and personalize customer communication with ski statistics. These personalized messages include elevation graphs and progress towards the upcoming level. Thanks to these messages, customers can see how many kilometers are left to achieve the next level without having to keep logging into their accounts.

With this solution, TMR now taps into its customers’ emotions and drives brand loyalty.

Every company wants to drive sales using emotions instead of discounts. This example does it at scale, thanks to Bloomreach technology. With innovative data usage and personalized messages informing customers about the challenge progress, we were able to motivate customers and build strong relationships with customers and the TMR brand.


Milan Schnorrer

CEO, Voxwise


The average data collected by Tatry Mountain Resorts indicates that a typical skier skis one weekend during the season and during this weekend the skier skis around 70 km.

TMR’s goal was to improve customer retention with this use case by motivating customers to visit for at least two ski weekends during the season to ski over 100 kilometers and unlock additional levels and achievements.

Thanks to many skiers increasing their total kilometers, Voxwise measured a 28% increase in ski days per season on customers influenced by this use case. This makes a significant financial impact for TMR, as more ski days also equates to more hotel stays, ski passes sold, restaurant visits, and more.

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