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How L’azurde Personalizes Customer Experiences With Bloomreach and Voxwise

With a vision of continuous progress in crafting perfection and precision, L’azurde is a signature name at the forefront of the jewelry industry. With one beautiful design after another, L’azurde has evolved to become the largest gold and jewelry designer, manufacturer, and distributor in the Middle East and Africa, and the fourth-largest jewelry manufacturer worldwide. 

1€ million
estimated financial impact of Bloomreach Engagement and Voxwise per year
more customers reached by L'azurde
inbox placement rate

The Challenge

L’azurde faced a challenge that many digital commerce companies encounter — data that is distributed all over different systems that is difficult to activate and use to increase revenue.

With its goals in mind of completely consolidating its data and being able to use it for intelligent ecommerce personalization, L’azurde turned to Bloomreach Engagement and Voxwise for help in consolidating its customer database, personalizing customer experiences, and increasing revenue.

The Solution

After its rapid ecommerce expansion, Bloomreach Engagement and Voxwise helped L’azurde collect, clean, and activate its customer data so it could begin monetizing that data and increasing revenue. 

Voxwise analysts were able to quickly consolidate and deduplicate the data so that L’azurde could begin using the omnichannel orchestration, email marketing, and web personalization capabilities of Bloomreach Engagement. The data-cleansing technology provided by Voxwise allows data to be organized around customer IDs and be integrated with Bloomreach Engagement’s customer engagement layer.  

This leads to L’azurde being able to easily send personalized email campaigns to customers with personalized product recommendations that drive revenue. It also facilitates a single customer view that allows L’azurde to adopt customer-centric marketing practices that fuel growth. 

Additionally, L’azurde uses Magento for its ecommerce platform. As a result, the company was able to get up and running faster and with less development resources thanks to Bloomreach Engagement’s native integration with Magento. Since then, L’azurde has seen fantastic results thanks to the partnership provided by Bloomreach and Voxwise.

The Results

The results of L’azurde tapping into the partnership of Bloomreach and Voxwise are undeniably positive. 

L’azurde will achieve an estimated €1 million increase in revenue per year after using Voxwise to collect all of its disjointed customer data from different places, then feeding that data into Bloomreach Engagement to drive revenue. L’azurde also now has a 99% inbox placement rate and a 26.6% average email open rate (increased from 2.48% prior to this project). 

In total, L’azurde now reaches 20 times more customers than it did prior to partnering with Voxwise and Bloomreach.