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Côte Harnesses Personalized Weblayers To Craft Customer-Centric Experiences Using Bloomreach


Story Behind the Brand

Côte is a well-known casual dining chain in the UK. With more than 80 restaurants and 2,500 employees, Côte restaurants are inspired by the brasseries of Paris, serving authentic French classics made from great quality, fresh ingredients. 

Founded in 2007, the company has since expanded beyond the traditional restaurant business with innovative offerings including Côte at Home, the brand’s meal-box delivery service, and Cook With Côte, a cooking-based content series.

responses to personalized surveys in just 5 days
of the survey completions submitted by loyal customers
increase in conversion rate for survey follow-up emails compared to the average email campaign


Customer satisfaction and retention are key goals for Côte. Recognizing the need to know its customers on an individual level to achieve these goals, the company resolved to build a complete understanding of its audience and leverage these findings to fuel a customer-centric marketing strategy.

Evolving its website from a traditional restaurant user experience into a personalized journey for every customer was also a specific area of focus for the brand. Côte wanted to revamp its on-site flow, emotionally engaging its website visitors to inspire more engagement, drive more bookings, and foster brand loyalty.

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To get a comprehensive view of its audience and craft personalized digital experiences for its customers, Côte knew that Bloomreach Engagement was the right tool to incorporate into its tech stack.

Our platform provided Côte with a unique opportunity to put the customer at the center of all its marketing efforts, organizing all of the brand’s customer data into a single customer view — a database of customer profiles that consolidate each user’s entire relationship with the brand.

Plus, Bloomreach’s web personalization tools offered limitless ways for Côte to build on these customer relationships and create a more engaging customer journey. Our survey-building tool in particular provided a great opportunity for the company to deepen its knowledge of its customer base and build more meaningful on-site connections.

Using Engagement, Côte created an on-site weblayer that served a customer satisfaction survey to website visitors, asking them questions that gathered timely and relevant feedback on their experience with the brand’s website. Depending on where the user’s on-site journey took them, they would get a personalized survey with tailored questions — each survey was focused on specific website pages, allowing Côte to gather contextual feedback from each site visitor’s unique experience. 

The valuable zero-party data these surveys provided was vital for Côte’s website development. Using a more robust set of customer data, the company identified its on-site goals and outlined its ideal customer journeys, giving Côte the perfect blueprint to optimize its website and maximize engagement.

We knew that our customer journeys needed to be fueled by relevant customer data, which is why we chose Bloomreach Engagement. It has all the tools we need to glean valuable insights into our audience and employ them in meaningful ways.


Tamasine Foot

CRM Manager, Côte


Côte knew that customer input was critical for success, and thanks to the personalized weblayers built with Bloomreach Engagement, the survey responses exceeded expectations. The surveys received over 9,000 responses in just five days, with 75% of the survey completions submitted by customers that were subscribed to Côte’s marketing communications — the exact audience of loyal, engaged customers that Côte was aiming for. 

Plus, with a majority audience made up of opted-in customers, Côte employed a personalized follow-up email campaign to survey participants offering a free drink as a thank-you for their valued input. This campaign achieved a conversion rate that was 1,233% higher compared to the average email performance, deepening the connection Côte has to its most loyal customers.

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