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Topdanmark Embraces Digital Transformation With Bloomreach Content

Topdanmark is Denmark’s second largest insurance company, with the principle task of managing people’s insurance and pension schemes while instilling trust in its customers.

500 URLs in 13 two-week sprints
a flexible content management system (CMS) designed to be effective now and in the future
its marketers the freedom to add new variables and publish content instantly

The Challenge

Topdanmark is forging ahead in digital with Bloomreach Content. 

Topdanmark faced challenges that many FinServ companies run into, such as cumbersome legacy systems full of customer data and the need to create custom customer elements quickly. When deciding on a platform for their digital experience, Topdanmark was determined to find a solution that met three key criteria — continuous development of the product, an easier way to share content across multiple brands, and putting customer focus at the front and center of the online experience.

The Solution

Topdanmark wanted a platform that was constantly innovating, with an active developer community, easy to integrate with other best-of-breed technologies, and set up for its own developers to continuously optimize the experience. 

This meant that its shortlist was largely CMS platforms with an open architecture.

Flexibility was a driving factor for Topdanmark because it needed the freedom to prototype and test new customer features, including allowing customers to easily add-on coverage to their primary insurance. It saw a great conversion rate and the add-on feature was pushed into development to become permanent. 

Topdanmark was looking for an experience platform that allowed this kind of rapid experimentation throughout the entire customer experience. Bloomreach Content fit the bill.

The Results

With Bloomreach Content, Topdanmark migrated 500 URLs in 13 two-week sprints and launched a flexible content management system (CMS) designed to be effective now and in the future. 

Financial services are finding more and more ways to compete using digital, and the technology decisions made today have to bring competitive advantages both immediately and in the years ahead. The rapid optimization of its brand sites, and the workflow that powers them, is just one reason Topdanmark is launching ahead in digital. 

The second reason is the future proofing that Topdanmark did by selecting Bloomreach Content. By picking a platform that is open to innovation and by building the foundation of data now, Topdanmark is ready to power its future cross-channel relevance strategy.