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How WildTangent Used Bloomreach Engagement to 9X Voucher Redemption Rate


Story Behind the Brand

American gaming company WildTangent had given away free games to returning customers and other members of its target audience before. So why not increase the stakes? It did with its “six free games” campaign.

WildTangent increased its voucher code redemption rate from 5% to 47% through the “six free games” campaign with Bloomreach Engagement


WildTangent, a Bloomreach customer since late 2018, set out to give gamers a chance to play several PC games for free while many had few other things to do in 2020.

WildTangent’s creative campaign idea combined with Bloomreach Engagement helped entertain gamers through the dog days of 2020.

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The “six free games” campaign was born when WildTangent launched a unique promotion with a partner that allowed it to give away six free games, in the format of game codes, via email and in a service presentation to the partner’s customers.

WildTangent used multiple features of Bloomreach Engagement, which is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), in this campaign including vouchers, email campaigns, scenarios, and weblayers.

The Bloomreach Engagement scenario was crafted carefully to optimally serve customers receiving game codes. In order to offer multiple game codes, six different voucher lists were connected into a single Bloomreach Engagement scenario.

An event for each game code was recorded, enabling WildTangent to run many voucher campaigns without having to create new customer attributes each time.

We work with a lot of different partners to expand our user base and attract new interest. Using Bloomreach Engagement allowed us to connect with users and guide them through the processes associated with this campaign. Bloomreach Engagement helped make this campaign happen.


Monika Pin

Digital Marketing Manager, WildTangent


Thanks to a fantastic offer and optimally planning out the scenario, WildTangent increased its voucher code redemption rate to 47% from 5% through the use of emails and on-site messaging encouraging users to redeem their game codes. That’s an increase of over nine times the original amount.

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To learn more about WildTangent’s successful campaign, check out our customer success story on our Bloomreach Blog.

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