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How Connox Uses Bloomreach Engagement to Make a Big Impact on Its Team

Connox is one of the market-leading online sellers of furniture and accessories for the home. Since 2005, the company has grown to over 125 employees and boasts high-quality products from more than 450 brands.

Nowadays, the popular furniture company sells to buyers from around the world and hopes to inspire its customer base with its motto, “be unique.”

increase in conversions for users who favorited items
decrease in bounce rate from product pages
boost in the average order value

The Challenge

As Connox continued to scale its business, it needed a platform that could support growth while creating even better user experiences for customers. Because of Connox’s extensive product catalog, the company was concerned that customers were experiencing browsing fatigue on its website.

Not only did Connox want to make it easier for customers to explore its catalog, but the marketing team also wanted the ability to implement its pipeline strategy without involving the IT department and putting an extra strain on resources.

The Solution

Connox turned to Bloomreach Engagement, which is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), to help them centralize the shopping experience for its users. Instead of prompting users to switch between product pages and its catalog, the furniture company found a way to simplify the purchase journey. 

Connox began by adding a new engagement tool to its site’s product pages: a heart icon. With the data collected from this new feature, Connox could better tailor its email messaging and user workflows to both prospects and returning customers. Best of all, Connox didn’t have to use any of its IT department’s time in executing these personalized campaigns and journeys. 

In just two days, Bloomreach Engagement was up and running. Connox would put the solution to the test with the platform’s A/B testing functionality that made it possible to capture a cohesive snapshot of campaign results.

The Results

Once the initial A/B test was complete, Connox immediately noticed the significant impact of its new investment in Bloomreach’s platform. Page-wide conversion rates were on the rise, and there was also a 95.5% increase in conversion rates for favorited items. 

What’s more, Connox saw a significant decrease in bounce rates from product pages, as well as a surge in average order value. All in all, Connox was pleased to make the move to Bloomreach.