Email Personalization With Limitless Potential

Create email campaigns so personalized, they feel like magic.

Create Truly Personalized Emails With AI-Powered Features

Drive more email conversions and higher engagement by displaying the perfect content for each customer. Unlike traditional A/B testing, contextual personalization is powered by Loomi, our AI built for ecommerce, to analyze every customer’s context and deliver email personalization that feels like magic.

Put the Customer First With Smarter Email Segmentation

Create personalized email marketing campaigns rooted in customer behavior and insights with visual data exploration tools built for marketers. Use profile properties, computed attributes, behavioral triggers, or any desired metric to map your audience to the right campaign. Loomi updates your segments in real time, even during peak times like Black Friday.

Get More Email Clicks by Sending at the Optimal Time

Loomi determines each customer’s optimal email send time and stores it within their profile. Your personalized email campaigns don’t have to rely on aggregate send times for your entire audience or regions – they’re sent when each recipient is most likely to open or click.

Accurately Prove Email Impact With Custom Reporting

Quickly analyze email performance with out-of-the-box dashboards. Build reports to track custom metrics, show revenue attribution, and prove the true impact of your personalized email marketing campaigns with advanced analysis tools within the platform.

Easily Personalize Emails With Bloomreach

Create customer journeys so personalized, they feel like magic. Our AI-powered email marketing suite combines the power of customer and product data to drive revenue quickly.

Email Personalization Examples Using Bloomreach Engagement

With an AI-powered personalized email campaign, encourage customers to purchase products/services that complement their initial purchase to increase order value and overall lifetime value (LTV).

Use Bloomreach's AI-powered purchase prediction to identify customers with the highest chance of purchase and adjust the marketing budget across different segments to increase overall email campaign performance.

With our template library, marketers with diverse skill levels can easily access data in a digestible and quick way based on popular use cases, then make data-driven decisions.

Target lapsing customers with personalized email campaigns, including customized subject lines, content, and purchase recommendations using our AI content generator. Reactivate and reengage customers with your brand and push them toward purchase.

Send emails when a customer will most likely open/click that showcase products "frequently bought together" based on a customer's past purchases.

Intelligently segment your audience by loyalty level with AI, and personalize emails for a truly customized experience.

Get Started With Bloomreach's Email Marketing Tool

Our AI-based email marketing allows you to send only the emails that matter. With personalized email campaigns powered by Loomi, you can send fewer emails and drive more revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personalization in Email Marketing

Email personalization refers to the practice of using commerce data responsibly to get to know, guide, and impress your customers with experiences that are so relevant and contextual, they feel like magic. Driven by real-time first-party data, personalization can tailor marketing emails to meet the unique needs of each recipient and weave email marketing campaigns into a customer’s unique relationship with your brand. This results in measurable journeys that engage and lead customers through brand awareness and product discovery to repeat purchases.

Personalizing email campaigns can be accomplished by using tools such as granular segmentation, AI-powered dynamic recommendations, predictive analytics (such as churn, next purchase, best channel, and more), and personalized messaging. Bloomreach offers various personalization options based on real-time customer data and behavior.

When designing personalized emails, it’s important to make your email campaigns relevant, dynamic, and meaningful for each recipient. You need to keep your emails timely and informed by your customer’s real-time interactions with your brand. Each email needs to serve a purpose, acting as a logical next step in an interconnected and omnichannel commerce experience.

With the power of Loomi, our AI built for ecommerce, Bloomreach Engagement can translate real-time data into automated email campaigns. Our AI can determine the right times to automatically send out personalized emails based on your audience's activity history and engagement habits. Loomi can also tell you what email content will resonate the most with your target audience, tailoring emails to serve their preferences, interests, and inclinations towards particular products. From strategy to execution, Loomi can help you make informed decisions about the design and goal of your campaigns.

An AI-powered platform like Bloomreach Engagement makes personalized email marketing possible, providing everything you need to build targeted, revenue-driving campaigns. With Loomi powering key capabilities like customer segmentation, product recommendations, individualized send times, and hyper-relevant testing with contextual personalization, you can tailor the content, cadence, and timing of every email for every customer.

In the Bloomreach Engagement platform, Jinja2 — which is more commonly referred to as Jinja — enables you to personalize your customer interactions. An easy example of this is calling user attributes and inserting these values into text. In simple terms, this allows marketers to easily start an email campaign with the customer's first name. Our documentation website explores the best practices for using Jinja2 and tips for personalization using Jinja.