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Bloomreach’s visual email builder allows marketers to design and send emails in minutes without ever touching the code.

Quickly Create Campaigns in Our Visual Email Builder

Easily create, test, and preview email newsletters with our visual builder. Drag and drop in product recommendations, add personalization elements, and set conditional blocks to selectively display content to custom audiences. Drive value quickly with prebuilt templates and automation based on high-converting campaigns.

Curate Every Experience With Drag-and-Drop Email Journey Automation

Easily create triggered, recurring, or one-time email sends using scenarios, our omnichannel journey builder. Combine with other channels, and also add audience filters, A/B tests, and more at any time.

Get a Head Start on Building Powerful Email Campaigns

Capitalize on Bloomreach’s expert knowledge, collected over years of working with top players in the market. In addition to structured trainings, best practices workshops, and public documentation, email marketers can use prebuilt workflows and dashboards to customize and execute complex marketing campaigns in no time.
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Enrich Your Email Campaigns With Built-In Integrations

Connect to various third‑party services through our built‑in integrations. Or, use our API to enrich your data and ensure you have everything it takes to build highly personalized email campaigns and drive email subscriptions.
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Elevate your emails with our drag-and-drop editor, email templates, advanced segmentation, and prebuilt workflows to execute complex campaigns in no time.


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Explore Bloomreach’s powerful solutions for personalized experiences and seamless customer journeys. See our platform in action and learn how you can streamline your workflows, elevate the customer experience, and drive bottom-line impact.

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Common Questions about Email Building Tools

How do you send an email with Bloomreach Engagement?
To send an email in Bloomreach Engagement, you’ll first create an email campaign. This can be a standalone campaign or an email node as part of a scenario. From there, you can use our visual or HTML builder to create a new email or reuse a template you’ve already created. In particular, our visual builder features a simple drag-and-drop interface so you can quickly create stunning emails without any coding knowledge.

Keep your email subject line short (generally 60 characters max) and informative. You’ll also want to limit punctuation, especially exclamation points, which can cause your email to look like spam. Get help from our built-in AI content generatorWhen it comes to your email content, it’s crucial to provide value for your audience to give them a reason to click through. Personalize your email based on their browsing/purchasing behavior, demographics, preferences, and more. Then, keep testing to see what kind of copy resonates the best with your audience (or even better, use contextual personalization to send the best variant to each customer).

Our visual email builder allows marketers to easily create, test, and preview email newsletters. The intuitive interface, customizable elements, and advanced personalization options give you the ability to craft meaningful messages and drive email subscriptions. Watch this video on how to use our email builder.

Yes! Bloomreach Engagement’s email visual builder uses a drag-and-drop editor so you don’t need to touch the code. The visual editor consists of the main editing region, as well as a side panel where you can choose the elements you want to drag onto the editing region. Learn more about our visual editor.

The best email builder tool should be able to use your customer and product data effectively. You’ll need to have connected data between your channels to ensure your emails are consistent with your other marketing efforts.

It also won’t help you if you spend a bunch of time building emails only for them to land in spam. Look for email tools that offer IP warm-up services, a dynamic frequency policy, and GDPR compliance.

The top email builder tools feature simple editors that allow you to create emails and campaigns without needing to go through IT. Ideally, the tool should also have AI baked into its solutions so you can automatically send emails at the optimal time, offer personalized recommendations, generate smart reporting, and more.


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Yes! Bloomreach Engagement offers an AI content generator powered by ChatGPT. With this solution, you can quickly create content to brainstorm, scale your testing efforts, and more. Learn more about the AI content generator.

Yes, Bloomreach has built-in product recommendations powered by Loomi AI. Choose from a set of predefined models or create your own recommendation model based on your unique business goals and drop it into your email campaigns for personalized, relevant emails.


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