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Whisker Optimizes Customer Journeys With Bloomreach’s Multivariate Testing and Experiments

Whisker introduced the first automated, self-cleaning litter box in 2000 and has grown to be a worldwide leader in connected pet care and refined pet accessories. The company is dedicated to helping pet parents outsmart daily chores with solution-oriented products that let them focus on the fun parts of pet ownership, like snuggling, playing, and making memories.

lift in conversion rate for test variants with persistent messaging
increase in revenue per user

The Challenge

Whisker’s challenge was a familiar one for many digital commerce companies: creating a consistent and impressionable marketing message that guides users all the way through the customer journey, from awareness to satisfied purchase.

To craft a personalized experience for its customers, Whisker needed to connect its marketing channels and access all its user behavior in one place — a single customer view — which its previous marketing solution didn’t allow for. This left Whisker’s data siloed and its marketing team unable to craft a persistent message through each customer’s journey.

The Solution

Using Bloomreach Engagement, Whisker launched email marketing campaigns with the aim of testing just how impactful a consistent message could be for converting their customers. 

To optimize the user experience, the company set up an experiment for its site that kept the same messaging from campaigns present at each touchpoint of the customer journey. Once a user received an email and engaged with the campaign, they would see the same campaign messaging that inspired them to click through and land on the Whisker homepage. 

Whisker used A/B and multivariate tests to see how impactful the results could be, with each group receiving a personalized and persistent message along with a control group of users landing on the company’s unchanged homepage.

The Results

Whisker saw an immediate benefit to the experiment, with a 107% lift in conversion rate for users that received persistent messaging. Revenue also increased by 112% for every user that clicked through to the website.

And since this initial test, Whisker has scaled up its experiments and A/B testing to incorporate more channels, touchpoints, and business goals using Bloomreach Engagement. The company has expanded testing to include search-focused experiments, modifying site messaging based on a user’s search term. A customer support-directed experiment has also been executed, which personalizes messaging for pre-ordered products and updates users on shipping times to mitigate customer questions.

Thanks to our powerful platform, Whisker can fine-tune the customer journey and offer the optimal web experience easily, effectively, and with just a few clicks.