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Proffsmagasinet Sends Fewer Emails, Generates More Revenue With Bloomreach

Proffsmagasinet is the primary e-commerce destination for do-it-yourself home owners in the Nordics. Proffsmagasinet’s online journey began in 2007, selling tools and measuring instruments on a small scale. Since then, the company has expanded to sell over 140,000 products online and has become the primary destination for craftsmen and home fixers because of its great prices and fast delivery.

fewer emails sent by Proffsmagasinet
conversion rate improvement on emails
lower unsubscribe rate on emails

The Challenge

Proffsmagasinet faced a challenge that many modern e-commerce companies face — the company had customers coming to their online shop to purchase products, but lacked a deep understanding of those customers.

In order to offer the best possible online experience to its customers, Proffsmagasinet needed to have an understanding of the ins and outs and twists and turns of each customer’s journey online. Using different SaaS tools for email marketing, web push notifications, product recommendations, and SMS caused the company to lack a single customer view and have siloed customer data that could not be used to paint an accurate picture of each customer’s journey to purchase.

Proffsmagasinet needed an intuitive platform that could collect customer data and make it usable for its marketers to create customer experiences that would keep customers coming back to make repeat purchases online. In short, it needed a single solution to be able to put its collected customer data to work via personalized marketing campaigns. 

The Solution

Bloomreach Engagement proved to be the perfect platform for Proffsmagasinet to activate its customer data to become more data driven and better understand its customers. Rather than using several different SaaS tools for different types of campaigns and use cases, Bloomreach Engagement now offers Proffsmagasinet the ability to create an omnichannel experience for customers no matter where they may be in their journey with the brand. 

Proffsmagasinet has made massive changes to its email marketing strategy with Bloomreach. Previously, the company could not use real-time purchase data to inform customer segmentation, meaning it could not remove customers from a campaign who had made a recent purchase.

Now, Proffsmagasinet can segment customers based on their website behavior, more specifically previous purchases. This makes the segmentation much more future proof. Sending marketing communications that can help a customer make their next purchase online is made much easier when it is based on previous purchase and other website behavior.  

Proffsmagasinet is also going all in on sending fewer emails to better serve their customers. While that might sound counterintuitive, Bloomreach Engagement allows Proffsmagasinet to personalize the content, cadence, and timing of every email. That means the company only needs to send the messages that matter, and customers aren’t being overmarketed to. 

“The conversion rate has been double that of our old emails,” Lofgren said. “When it comes to email performance, we are doing a lot better across the board. We are offering a much better email experience to our customers now.”

The new strategy has allowed Proffsmagasinet to grow its active customer base with consents since the company is losing significantly less customers that may have previously unsubscribed to marketing communications. 

The Results

Since adopting Bloomreach Engagement and Bloomreach’s email deliverability strategy, Proffsmagasinet has seen an increase in several email-related metrics. 

Proffsmagasinet now sends 33% fewer emails on average. Since implementing that strategy, the company has seen its unsubscribe rate go 65% lower and has doubled its conversion rate on emails. 

Those successful email metrics have also helped shape Proffsmagasinet’s overarching omnichannel strategy. Building an effective SMS strategy became easier for Proffsmagasinet because the company was able to take a similar approach to its email marketing strategy — send less, engage more. 

“Now that we know more about our customers and their journey, we have amended our strategy to only include individuals that are more likely to engage with SMS,” Lofgren said. “This has allowed us to also make our SMS sending less.”

Another piece of the puzzle that helped Proffsmagasinet achieve this success? Taking courses offered by the Bloomreach Academy

“We came from a tool that was very simple, so we had a steep learning curve when we started using Bloomreach,” Lofgen said. “Bloomreach Engagement felt complex when we were first seeing it. The Academy helped a lot — especially with working on example projects. It helped me to become confident working with the platform.”