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Unisport Upgrades Email Marketing With Bloomreach Engagement and Mailgun

Unisport is Europe’s leading online retailer of football boots, shirts and other equipment. Unisport is also a global media platform for football related content with over six million followers on social media worldwide. Since 1995, Unisport has served football players and fans with football products and expert guidance. Besides flagship stores in the heart of Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Paris, Unisport also has local online stores for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, France, and Austria. Additionally, Unisport is also available for the rest of the world at

increase in marketing automation revenue in 2020 vs. 2019
increase in marketing automation revenue in 2021 vs. 2020
increase in email marketing revenue in 2021 vs. 2020

The Challenge

Unisport was using email marketing and communications to connect with customers but was missing the ability to segment its audience of customers and then take meaningful action with personalized marketing communications to those segments. 

Not being able to separate subscribers based on their activity level with the brand — active, passive, dormant, etc. — meant that Unisport had to bring in customer data from a different platform, making email marketing a largely manual process. 

Unisport needed to consolidate its customer data into a single solution that would allow it to segment its customer base and connect with customers to offer a limitless ecommerce experience

The Solution

Bloomreach Engagement — which features a Mailgun integration that powers email marketing — proved to be the perfect solution to Unisport’s email marketing needs. This is thanks to Loomi — Bloomreach’s AI for ecommerce — and Mailgun’s powerful APIs, which enable companies to send, receive, and track emails effortlessly. 

Unisport worked with Bloomreach to segment its subscriber base into different groups (active, passive, lapsing, and lapsed) to be able to communicate more effectively with each type of customer. 

Prioritizing the health of the email list proved to be a fresh start for Unisport, which began the balancing act of staying out of the spam folders of uninterested customers and driving revenue with email. Unisport eventually decided it was best to send fewer emails in order to keep a top sender reputation. 

Another real game changer for Unisport’s growth has been the ability within Bloomreach Engagement to set up events and track customer behavior. This allows Unisport to act immediately via automated flows or use this behavior in segmented newsletters to create personalized and targeted content for its customers. 

Even better, Unisport was able to drive increased revenue from email marketing with Bloomreach Engagement, even with the reduced frequency of emails.

Through its price drop alert campaign, Unisport is using Loomi-powered automation to ensure customers stay up-to-date on their favorite products and always have an easy path to purchase. 

With this use case, Loomi is acting as Unisport’s friendly neighborhood watchdog by monitoring price drops on their customers’ favorite items or items they’ve recently added to their cart and then notifying them automatically. Unisport is using the power of Loomi to drive revenue and optimally serve customers.  

The Results

Since adopting Bloomreach Engagement in late 2019, Unisport has seen incredible revenue-related results. 

In comparing 2020 to 2019, marketing automation revenue was up 300% for Unisport. Between 2020 and 2021, marketing automation revenue increased an additional 85%. 

When looking specifically at email revenue, Unisport saw a 50% increase in 2021 compared to 2020.