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11teamsports Owns Multi-Language Markets with Bloomreach Engagement

11teamsports is Europe’s largest football online retail shop. The company’s goal is to offer every player, team, and club the best equipment and service regardless of what league it plays in. Over 5,500 amateur and professional clubs trust 11teamsports’ football expertise and it has over 2.5 million customers.  

countries that 11teamsports sends personalized marketing campaigns to
minutes it takes 11teamsports to localize an email cadence to a new language

The Challenge

11teamsports, a Bloomreach client for several years, distributes its extensive range of football products to its loyal customers in a number of European countries. Serving multiple markets in parallel under one umbrella means juggling several different communication strategies and processes to effectively communicate with 2.5 million customers.

For the support of customers in 14 different countries, 11teamsports needed a solution that could help communicate with customers at scale — and in an efficient way so that employees weren’t spending all of their time creating marketing automation campaigns. This meant finding a solution that could not only drive revenue across different channels, but across different markets which have different languages spoken in them as well.

The Solution

Bloomreach Engagement’s ability to scale marketing campaigns and turn them into multiple languages was exactly what 11teamsports was looking for. 

After 11teamsports unified its customer data into a single solution, it immediately became able to send personalized marketing campaigns to customers segmented by country in a time efficient manner. It no longer had to batch-and-blast emails to the masses — it can specifically use behavioral segmentation to target the customers it wants to. 

The company’s large footprint in many different markets makes it extremely necessary to have the ability to quickly create, schedule, and send personalized multi-language email marketing communications without needing to activate a data team to build specific segmentations by country. 11teamsports can now do this as Bloomreach Engagement makes it easy to build segmented audiences how marketers need to — to best serve customers according to internal business objectives and KPIs. 

11teamsports also uses the scenarios, recommendations, and weblayers functions of Bloomreach Engagement to reach its customers at scale.

The Results

11teamsports can now send out personalized email campaigns to 14 different countries in an average of just 15 minutes with Bloomreach Engagement. 

“Engagement is incredibly intuitive and very easy to use,” said Tom Adler, Teamhead Retail Online Marketing for 11teamsports. “Not in small part thanks to Bloomreach Academy that helped us get up and running.” 

The templating and multi-language capabilities of Bloomreach Engagement allow the team to send out campaigns for multiple brands, each in different language variations in record time. That not only makes everybody's life easier, it also allows team members to deploy more personalized campaigns and faster test what works best.

The IT team has also been satisfied with the integration process of Bloomreach Engagement, citing solid documentation and support from technical consultants.