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Deutsche Telekom Delivers A Personalized Experience To Their Mobile Customers

Deutsche Telekom, the leading European telecommunications provider encompassing brands T-Mobile, produces native apps that are delivered across their mobile customer base. With some 156 million mobile customers, 29 million fixed-network lines, and more than 18 million broadband lines, Deutsche Telekom is paving the way for the gigabit society through their innovative mobile approach.

With Bloomreach Content, Deutsche Telekom was able to:

Go live
in under 6 months — seeing faster time to market for content
Build an app
that serves 18 brands across 13 countries and countless languages
Roll out
global, role-based workflows for content creators
promote content to over 1 million smartphones

The Challenge

In order to welcome new customers to the Deutsche Telekom system and apps the team leverages a ‘Telekom Moment’ — immediately after setup customers receive a welcome message, a permission request, relevant suggestions of Telekom’s & Partner’s apps, and notifications of special services.

To deliver the ‘Telekom Moment’ over a variety of devices, vendors, and countries, the team was challenged to keep the content involved consistent and easily manageable. For this level of scale, Deutsche Telekom needed a content management setup that was flexible, user-friendly, and had a reusable, API-first architecture.

Deutsche Telekom’s previous custom content management system (CMS) was complicated, not user-friendly for content creators, and put a ton of strain on the development team. So, they began the search for an out-of-the-box solution to make their work more efficient and effective.

The content in question isn’t served out as web pages, but as JSON across multiple vendors and types of mobile devices, so flexibility — both in content delivery options and integrations across their infrastructure — was a key factor in the team’s choice.

The Solution

Deutsche Telekom chose Bloomreach Content to give both developers and content creators worldwide the flexibility they need. With the Telekom Moment being served to over 1.5 million users, Deutsche Telekom needed to reuse and personalize content in a way that respects customer privacy — while still being fresh and tailored to the customer.

With a headless delivery setup, content is created and stored (presentation-neutral) within Bloomreach Content. When a phone requests content it sends the device model to the back end and Bloomreach returns a list of apps/banners that is available for that device. This means no personal data points are sent to the back-end, and the remaining filtering is done client-side — thus protecting data privacy while personalizing the end customer experience to their needs, location, and language.

The Results

Now, with Bloomreach Content, each content manager at Deutsche Telekom only sees the content pieces required for their territory (i.e., the French content managers don’t have access to the Dutch content, and vice versa, but both have access to relevant international apps).

Prior to Bloomreach, managing international content was a complicated and tedious process done with a team of 3 people in Germany. Now that the core team is able to reuse app structure across countries and give content creators regional, role-based access, content management has become much easier and more secure.

Best of all, the project was implemented with 3 developers and went live in only 6 months. The result? Faster time to market for content and regional apps because with Bloomreach Content on the back end, reusing content and structure is all done through configurations instead of writing one-off code snippets. This more agile style of development makes it much easier to create and scale content to their over 1 million (and counting) smartphones.