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Elevate Your Visual Ecommerce Merchandising with the Bloomreach Discovery Dashboard

In the dynamic world of ecommerce, staying competitive and offering an exceptional shopping experience is paramount. Enter Bloomreach, a leading ecommerce technology provider that's here to revolutionize your merchandising strategy. Explore how you can take your ecommerce game to new heights with the Bloomreach Discovery Dashboard.

Empower Your Ecommerce Success

Bloomreach is dedicated to empowering ecommerce professionals to harness the full potential of their online stores. With expert guidance and innovative tools, you can maximize your impact in the digital marketplace.

Effortless Visual Merchandising

The Bloomreach platform offers incredible visual merchandising capabilities. In ecommerce, the way you present your products can significantly impact product discovery and sales. With Bloomreach, you can do this with ease.

Key Features of the Bloomreach Discovery Dashboard:

Grid Merchandising

Utilize the power of visual merchandising to create stunning product layouts. Whether you want to showcase new arrivals, highlight top-selling items, or align your products with seasonal trends, the Bloomreach Discovery Dashboard has you covered.

Product Control

Gain ultimate control over your product placements. Boost, drag, drop, lock, or block products to match your unique merchandising objectives. This level of precision enables you to curate your category or search results pages flawlessly.

Real-Time Preview

Say goodbye to guesswork and uncertainty, and experience the advantage of real-time previews. See exactly what your customers will encounter when they visit your pages. 

Unleash Your Creativity

Managing merchandising through tedious spreadsheets and numerical sequencing can be limiting and time-consuming. Bloomreach liberates you from these constraints, allowing you to focus your energy on creativity and other strategic initiatives.


In just a few minutes, we've explored how the Bloomreach Discovery Dashboard can transform your ecommerce merchandising efforts. Bid farewell to spreadsheet hassles, and welcome a more efficient and visually appealing way to present your products.


Ways to Use Bloomreach Merchandising

Use the soft boost by attribute feature to boost your white-label and branded products in category pages.

Fulfill initiatives and business requirements by soft boosting products from certain suppliers, brands, or vendors across your category pages.

Modify products displayed on your category pages based on the last time a user visited your site.

Get Started with Strategic Merchandising from Bloomreach

Focus on our biggest opportunities for improvement using our AI, Loomi, so you can spend 50% less time on operational tasks and more time on strategy. Use our built-in A/B testing to ensure that every change you make is the best for your ecommerce site.

Meet the Speaker:

Roxanna Couse

Director of Customer Experience Group at Bloomreach & Host of Bloomreach's Digital Merchandising Community Meet-Ups.

Roxy is a seasoned ecommerce strategist with over a decade of experience in defining digital merchandising tactics and strategies, as well as driving growth for organizations. She has led ecommerce merchandising for in-house digital teams such as Whirlpool, Frontgate, Avery Dennison, and Dillards Inc., and holds an advanced degree in User Experience Design. She has a wealth of experience in this discipline and is very passionate about all things ecommerce and site merchandising.