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Increase Your RPV With Personalized Search

Don’t just know your customers  understand them from the first visit. Deliver personalized shopping experiences every time and increase your revenue per visitor by as much as 8.5%.

Bloomreach's Unmatched Multi-Level Personalization Search Tool

Personalize With Real-Time Segments

Use first-party data to understand every customer as they search — including anonymous visitors. It all starts by grouping customers into segments based on their real-time behavior. Then, you can show them products based on their preferences at the moment. Best of all, everything is optimized for relevance and revenue.

Optimize Search Without the Manual Work

  • Set rules to push high-margin products, boosting revenue and online growth that’s scalable and flexible
  • Identify the biggest opportunities for improvement, such as zero results queries, heatmaps, and reports on underperforming categories and take action
  • Push algorithm changes to the Bloomreach Discovery-hosted search engine within minutes, not days

Provide Individualized Recommendations

Loomi AI learns from individual search queries and customer behavior. This way, you can deliver recommendations based on each customer’s unique interests and needs while hitting all of your KPIs.

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Common Questions about Personalized Search

How can I personalize through search?

Search has a much bigger impact on personalization than most retailers realize. At its core, search personalization is about making shoppers feel understood, and that’s exactly what commerce search should do by returning relevant results. You can further personalize with features, like segment reranking, so that every part of your audience sees what matters most to them. It can result in up to a 40% increase in revenue generated from search.

Yes. There are multiple ways that you can utilize your customer segments to give your customers a personalized search experience. For instance, you can send segments with API calls, so our search engine learns what works best for each segment. Or, you can use our real-time segmentation capabilities to segment both known and unknown customers based on their behavior. Check out this demo of how personalized search works to learn more.

The ROI on personalized search is outstanding and has resulted in an 8.5% increase in RPV for Bloomreach customers, like Jenson USA. Additionally, personalized search is easy to set up without having to create content for each segment. Once you create your segments, Bloomreach Discovery learns on its own within the context of each segment. As a result, your brand gets immediate value while building out content for other personalization use cases. Check out how some of our customers have done it in the past. 

Personalized search is a critical part of merchandising. It unlocks major potential for your business and empowers your ecommerce team to place the right product in front of the right person at the right time. Not only does this increase revenue, but it will also help you meet customer preferences and continue to scale your business. Explore the impact of both search and merchandising in our searchandising guide.

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