Boost Revenue With Personalized Search

Give your search powerful customer data signals to help you increase revenue per visitor by as much as 8.5%. Use both historical and in-session data to segment customers in real-time and deliver personalized search and browse experiences.

Actionable Customer Segments for Merchandisers

We’re not just talking about using your own segments —often, merchandisers can’t take advantage of customer data owned by other teams.

That’s why Bloomreach empowers you to define, build, and analyze customer segments as they interact with your search engine in real-time.

Every Customer Deserves a Great Experience

All customers are different, which means what works great for some, will underwhelm others. With Bloomreach, you no longer need to make that compromise. Deliver magical experiences to everyone.

Immediate Personalization Updated With Every Click

Historical data isn’t enough for personalization, especially for unknown visitors. With Bloomreach, every click of the customer leads to personalized rankings in real-time, resulting in customers seeing an immediate impact on their experience.

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Tailored SKU Images

Automatically pick which product image shoppers see by matching the attribute they searched for. For example, show plus-sized models to shoppers who search for XXL clothing.

Become the Customer Expert

Enriching search with customer data will give you powerful insights into customers and how they interact with products, resulting in increased revenue per visitor. With Bloomreach, you have the power to refine customer understanding while avoiding organizational hurdles.

Go Beyond Search

Bloomreach Discovery powers personalization beyond search results — you can personalize category grids and recommendations as well. And if you decide to add Bloomreach Engagement, you can also extend this to marketing campaigns.

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Retain Ultimate Control

As with all Bloomreach Discovery solutions, the control ultimately stays in your hands. Any merchandising rules you’ve set up will still take precedence.

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Site Search FAQs

Common questions about Bloomreach’s Site Search product with Bloomreach Discovery.

Yes. There are multiple ways you can utilize your customer segments to give your customers a personalized search experience. You can send segments with API calls so our engine learns what works best for each segment. Or you can use our real-time segmentation capabilities to segment both known and unknown customers based on their behavior.