Bloomreach Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Search and Product Discovery, Q3 2023

Jordan Roper
Jordan Roper

At Bloomreach, our goal has always been to offer leading AI-powered solutions that empower ecommerce companies to best succeed in the marketplace.

That’s why being officially named as a Leader by leading global research and advisory firm Forrester is so significant to us.

Bloomreach was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Search and Product Discovery, Q3 2023. We believe this designation proves publicly what we at Bloomreach have known for many years: that Bloomreach Discovery is an exceptional solution that offers the fastest ROI of any product discovery solution on the market.

In addition to being recognized as a Leader, Bloomreach was the highest ranked SaaS provider in the “current offering” category, which includes criteria such as usability and tooling, personalization for product discovery, delivery model and scale, and manual search and merch configuration, all of which Bloomreach received the highest score possible in.

Bloomreach was also one of just two companies to be recognized as a Leader in the Wave.

Why We Believe Bloomreach Was Recognized as a Leader

In our opinion, Bloomreach stood out from other vendors in the Wave because of our established leadership and maturity in the market. For specifics, read Forrester’s excerpt from the Wave below:

“Bloomreach balances broad functionality with modular architecture. Bloomreach is a well-established player in this market that continues to acquire and internally innovate. It has a modular approach, but prospective buyers should note that although Bloomreach components like Search, Merchandising, and others are independently available, the full Discovery product is required to achieve the complete functionality we evaluated. Its strong vision puts the merchandiser at the center of its strategic decisions. Its community and supporting services and offerings are also strong. Its partner ecosystem is weaker, as it performs all implementations with its own professional services. Bloomreach provided a detailed roadmap that looks out through 2024 and prioritizes AI-enabled functionality, deeper customization of the algorithms, and more advanced tooling. It also promises deeper controls for real-time segmentation, including related insights. Bloomreach has strengths in usability and tooling, manual search and merchandising configuration, and personalization for product discovery. It is weaker in guided search and quizzes, and image and visual search. Reference customers would like to see speedier delivery of promised features and more innovation around product discovery, but they feel positively about the partnership. Bloomreach is a best fit for businesses that want functionality that is both broad and modular, in a unified experience.”

(The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Search and Product Discovery, Q3 2023)

Bloomreach also received the highest scores possible in the vision, roadmap, community, and supporting services and offerings criteria.

What It Means to Be a Leader

Our tremendous pride in being recognized as a Leader comes from knowing the work that has been put in by Bloomreachers across the world to serve our customers at the highest level.

The Wave evaluates vendors in 26 commerce search and product discovery criteria, from personalization for product discovery to conversational search. It takes having a product that is strong across the board, rather than in one area, to be recognized as a leader and Bloomreach Discovery passed the test and we feel it is thanks to its unique balance of AI innovation and merchandiser empowerment.

Specifically, Bloomreach Discovery was recognized in:

  • Personalization for Product Discovery: At Bloomreach, we believe that we have the best personalized search offering in the marketplace. Our 5-out-of-5 score from Forrester is, for us, strong validation that our real-time segments offering is an incredible approach to offering personalized search experiences to shoppers.
  • Vision and Roadmap: These are two separate criteria in the Wave, both of which we received a 5-out-of-5 score in. Our Search Impact Validation allows us to prove we can generate prospects more revenue from search.
  • Manual Search and Merch Configuration: We believe our well-established history in search helped us earn a 5-out-of-5 in this criterion. Our 12+ years in the commerce search and product discovery space and many AI-related patents make us a proven partner for prospects seeking this type of solution.

And it’s not just Forrester’s evaluation that helps create scoring for vendors in the Wave. Forrester does customer interviews and incorporates user feedback into the evaluation process so that end users have representation.

We believe the success of our Bloomreach Discovery customers using the solution today is a large contributing factor in being named a Leader.

“This is really big news and a big personal moment, since search was at the heart of how we started Bloomreach,” said Raj De Datta, co-founder and CEO, Bloomreach. “To me, the question this report poses for any commerce business is this: if your search and merchandising engine isn’t powered by Bloomreach…why not?”

To learn more about The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Search and Product Discovery, Q3 2023, download your complimentary copy of the report today.


Jordan Roper

General Manager and Head of Product, Bloomreach Discovery

Jordan serves as General Manager and Head of Product for Bloomreach Discovery, where he leads a high performing product organization and drives business KPI improvements for the Discovery product.


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