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With Real-time Segments for Bloomreach Discovery, Merchandisers Can Now Connect Even More Customers With the Products They Want to See

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, February 9, 2023Bloomreach, the world’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud, today announced the launch of real-time segments for Bloomreach Discovery. The new feature uses first-party data to understand every customer as they search — including anonymous visitors. Customers are grouped into segments based on real-time behavior, then matched to products that merchandisers have optimized for relevance and revenue growth. As a result, an increased amount of site traffic is connected with the right products, creating better experiences for more customers and unlocking new opportunities for revenue generation. 

“If you consider how impactful one-to-one personalization can be, just imagine what that looks like when amplified at scale,” said Jordan Roper, General Manager and Head of Product, Bloomreach Discovery. “By personalizing for both broad and granular customer segments, you’re connecting even more of your site traffic with relevant products — and you’re keeping those products relevant even as customer behavior shifts in real-time. This feature is going to unlock countless new opportunities for merchandisers to optimize product grids, enhancing the customer experience and driving fast revenue growth all at once.”

Real-time segments are powered by Bloomreach’s Customer Data Engine, enabling businesses to inject the search experience with real-time, first-party customer data. Traditional ecommerce search engines personalize using cookie-based data, which is limited, or the data of visitors who have logged in, which typically accounts for a small portion of site traffic. Bloomreach Discovery ingests both existing customer data profiles and real-time behavior such as product views, category views, and search queries — creating a more complete view of even first-time visitors. This enables the most in-depth customer understanding available in any ecommerce search solution on the market. 

With a deep understanding of who the customer is, merchandisers are empowered to find new ways to enhance their ecommerce experience to drive greater revenue per visitor (RPV). As they see which product categories different customer segments interact with, they can optimize product grids or shape merchandising strategies accordingly. 

During beta testing, real-time segments drove increases in RPV of more than 8%. On mobile devices, RPV grew more than 25%. To learn more about the ways Bloomreach Discovery is driving fast return on investment for businesses around the world, visit the company’s website


About Bloomreach
Bloomreach is the world’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud, empowering brands to deliver customer journeys so personalized, they feel like magic. It offers a suite of products that drive true personalization and digital commerce growth, including: Discovery, offering AI-driven search and merchandising; Content, offering a headless CMS; and Engagement, offering a leading CDP and marketing automation solutions. Together, these solutions combine the power of unified customer and product data with the speed and scale of AI-optimization, enabling revenue-driving digital commerce experiences that convert on any channel and every journey. Bloomreach serves over 850 global brands including Albertsons, Bosch, Puma, FC Bayern München, and Marks & Spencer. For more information, visit

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