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Mayborn Group’s Black Friday SMS Campaign Brings Massive ROI 


Story Behind the Brand

Mayborn Group is the proud owner of global baby brand Tommee Tippee®. The award-winning brand was launched in the United Kingdom over 50 years ago and Mayborn Group’s range of feeding, soothing, and hygiene products are now available in over 60 countries worldwide. With a reputation for producing stylish, innovative products, Mayborn Group is passionate about helping parents embrace and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of raising their children.

conversion rate of consumers who placed an order after receiving a Black Friday SMS
uplift in conversion rate for consumers who received both an SMS and email compared to those who just received an email
return on investment on Black Friday SMS campaign


Trying out a new marketing channel is never easy. The essence of marketing innovation lies in exploring new ways to connect with customers and how to adapt these strategies on the fly in real time. 

For the Mayborn Group, that new channel was SMS marketing. Using SMS messages to complement a personalized email marketing strategy would help the company connect with customers where they want to be reached to foster more brand loyalty and potentially create an easier path to purchase for customers.

Mayborn Group knew that an omnichannel marketing strategy could drive impactful results, and SMS seemed like a natural progression for the company to implement and use in correlation with email marketing. And, what better time to test out a new channel than ecommerce’s busiest day of the year — Black Friday?

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Mayborn Group was already using Bloomreach Engagement, powered by Loomi AI, for its marketing automation campaigns. In the lead-up to Black Friday offers going live, the company had 2,000 consumers opt in to receive SMS messages. 

Mayborn Group split that audience of consumers (who were opted into SMS and also included in email targeting) 50/50 into a send group and control group to get an accurate picture of how SMS was going to perform in its first-ever time trying the channel. One group only received email communications while the other group received communications via both email and SMS. All messages were specifically offering customers free shipping on their Black Friday orders.

The ROI from SMS was huge, making it an extremely cost-effective marketing channel. SMS had a significant positive impact on our conversion rate compared to email alone.


Joanne Harvey

Global Head of CRM & Loyalty, Mayborn Group


Consumers who were reached through a combination of both SMS and email channels showed a 126.9% uplift in their conversion rates compared to those who only received an email. This synergy between SMS and email underscores the importance of an omnichannel customer engagement strategy, illustrating how different platforms can complement each other to amplify marketing success. 

Mayborn Group’s Black Friday campaign showcased the power of strategic messaging and the profound impact connecting with customers on the correct channel can have. 

With a remarkable 9.8% overall conversion rate, consumers who received targeted SMS messages didn’t just read an SMS; they placed orders and contributed to a sales uplift. This demonstrates not only the effectiveness of well-crafted SMS content but also how direct, personal communication can motivate consumers to move from consideration to purchase.

The crown jewel of Mayborn Group’s campaign’s success is the staggering 7,433% return on investment (ROI) from the Black Friday SMS campaign. This proves that with the right approach, connecting with customers cross-channel can be an effective marketing strategy that fosters brand loyalty. 

“SMS as a channel can have a significant impact on driving purchase frequency and improving loyalty performance,” said Harvey.

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