Expand Your Reach With Personalized WhatsApp Messaging

Seamlessly integrate WhatsApp into your omnichannel strategy. Power personalized conversational messaging with your highest-intent customers without the limitations or expense of channels like SMS.

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Expand Your Reach With Our Native WhatsApp Integration

Use our built-in WhatsApp integration to send and receive transactional and promotional messages through the most used messaging app in the world. Increase your global reach without increasing messaging costs.

Use Your Customer Data To Personalize Every Interaction

Powered by a built-in customer data engine, our platform creates a single, comprehensive view of your customers in one place. Use all of your data, not just pieces of it, to target the right audience with personalized messages.

Go Beyond Basic Messaging

Use WhatsApp to instantly send product back-in-stock reminders and price drop alerts, recover abandoned carts, or track delivery updates. Ask for customer feedback and save their responses as zero-party data for future targeting. Add images and rich media to create buzz around a product launch or seasonal promotion.

Transform Your Omnichannel Strategy with WhatsApp

Receive Replies in Real Time

WhatsApp will forward customer replies to Bloomreach, where they will be processed as campaign events in real time. Use these replies to trigger automated responses via our scenario builder.

Combine WhatsApp With Other Channels

Easily design and run tailored campaigns across various channels using our drag-and-drop scenario builder. Personalize customer experiences with real-time triggers, segments, and conditions. Conduct A/B tests and optimize omnichannel journeys effortlessly.

Reply to Customers for Free

Respond to customer-initiated messages for free on WhatsApp within 24 hours. Use our pre-designed text or media options. Customize your response without needing approval.

Experience Limitless Marketing for Yourself

Dive deeper into Bloomreach’s powerful solutions for personalized experiences and seamless customer journeys. See firsthand how our platform can elevate your customer experience, drive conversions, and unlock the full potential of your digital presence.


Life With Bloomreach

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