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How Alshaya Saves Time and Generates Revenue With its Customer Reactivation Program


Story Behind the Brand

Alshaya Group is a dynamic family-owned enterprise first established in Kuwait in 1890. With a consistent record of growth and innovation, Alshaya Group is one of the world’s leading brand franchise operators, offering an unparalleled choice of well-loved international brands to customers. 

Alshaya Group’s portfolio extends across MENA, Turkey, and Europe with thousands of stores, cafes, restaurants, and leisure destinations as well as large scale online and digital business. Operating in multiple sectors including fashion, food, health & beauty, pharmacy, home furnishings, and leisure & entertainment, Alshaya Group colleagues are united by a commitment to authentically deliver great customer service and brand experiences. 

Fresh, modern, and relevant, Alshaya’s constantly evolving portfolio reflects the choices and lifestyle of its customers. From flagship stores and restaurants in prestige malls, to local coffee shops, drive-thrus, and online, Alshaya Group brings customers the brands they love in the places they want to be — brands such as Starbucks, H&M, Mothercare, Debenhams, American Eagle Outfitters, P.F. Chang’s, The Cheesecake Factory, The Body Shop, M.A.C., Victoria’s Secret, Boots, Pottery Barn, and KidZania.

increase in the contribution of CRM to total revenue with Bloomreach Engagement
time saved with Bloomreach Engagement’s project cloning capabilities


Time is of the essence for every company in today’s market. But for Abo and his team, when you have 15 brands in six different markets, efficiency is essential.

Abo’s team wanted to get away from manual processes so it could reach the incredible volume of customers Alshaya serves on a daily basis. Previously, the team used a combination of multiple tools with tiresome processes to send a campaign. This meant it spent far too much time working with each tool.

One of Alshaya’s key objectives is to become truly customer centric. To do this, an all-in-one solution that would allow the team to produce marketing campaigns at scale was needed — one that would support Alshaya’s omnichannel strategy.

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Bloomreach Engagement proved to be the perfect solution for Abo and the team at Alshaya — not only because of the capabilities it could offer the company, but because of the time it allowed team members to save.

While working with multiple brands that featured different tech stacks, they found the cloning capabilities of Bloomreach Engagement to be particularly useful. Cloning allows Bloomreach Engagement users to “copy-paste” their work from one project to another for nearly every functionality and module (reports, scenarios, predictions, etc.).

It has helped to launch use cases such as an abandoned cart campaign and welcome journey for multiple brands while providing key reporting insights and saving time.

The drag-and-drop visual builder for email campaigns has also allowed Abo and the team to create the design they want to show customers in emails quickly and simply. The time and effort saved in terms of creating marketing automation campaigns now allows key employees to work on other projects related to customer reactivation and retention.

When you operate multiple brands across multiple markets, the ability to streamline a process through one product really does make our lives easier. Gone are the days where we had to create each campaign from scratch! As a result, our team is happier and more efficient.


Abo Bakr Magdy

CRM Manager, Automation, Alshaya


How much time is Alshaya actually saving? The company estimated that it now only spends half the amount of time (a time savings of 50%) creating campaigns for additional brands because of Bloomreach Engagement’s cloning capabilities.

The time saved isn’t the only positive result Bloomreach Engagement has helped create. Alshaya has seen a 6x increase in the contribution of CRM to total revenue since implementing Bloomreach Engagement in 2020.

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