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Flash Sale SMS

In this one-off campaign, inform your customers about the time-limited hot sale in your e-store via SMS. Coming with the Testing scenario to facilitate your testing, this Use Case includes a working automated scenario with a pre-built SMS template. All you need to do is personalize the text of your SMS message and adjust the consent. You can also send images by launching MMS campaigns within this Use Case.










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Whether you're looking to generate more revenue during slower sales periods or clear out your inventory, this Use Case will help you to achieve your goals and grow your business. By creating a sense of urgency and scarcity, a flash sales campaign encourages customers to purchase quickly, which can help you increase sales, and boost customer engagement and loyalty.

“On average, sales promotions increase conversion rates by 17%. Inform your customers about the current sales through a powerful channel that SMS campaigns are watching your conversion rates grow. ”

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