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SMS Double Opt-in Subscription With Zero-Party Data Collection

In this cookie-less world, zero-party data collection has become the leading way to collect customer information. This Use Case will help you to do that through a predefined banner using two-tap technology, which effortlessly incentivizes your customers to consent to communication. Due to the subscription being confirmed via double opt-in SMS, you can also send a voucher code as a reward for subscribing.








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Marketing strategies preach that having customers subscribe to your communication is crucial in establishing a relationship leading to higher revenues. However, despite long mailing lists, marketers often need higher open and click-through rates. Thanks to this Use Case and its double opt-in sign-up feature, you will build only a genuinely interested customer base that guarantees impressive engagement.

“Subscribed customers are more engaged and interested in what you offer, leading to higher interaction rates, repeat purchases, and overall customer loyalty. Indeed, subscribed customers can have up to 30% higher conversion rates than those who are not. Incentivize your customers to subscribe, keep them engaged, and increase your revenue!”

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