Customer case

Met Office

Met Office is the UK's national weather and climate forecaster relied on by millions of people around the world every day, for over 160 years. The Met Office forecasts, reports on and researches everything from daily regional weather fluctuations to global climate change, for the general public as well as businesses, institutions and government organizations.

"One of the key reasons for choosing BloomReach Experience is that you're already API-centric"

Owen Tribe, Digital Transformation Specialist at The Met Office


The Met Office has long been known for their dedication to finding and implementing cutting-edge technological solutions to provide the most accurate information to people around the world. They were looking for a digital experience platform that would reflect this commitment, providing an equally advanced digital environment for their customers. This meant a platform that was agile and flexible enough to allow for constant improvement, capable of integrating with Met Office's many other complex systems, both current and future.


BloomReach DXP's flexible, API-driven architecture allows Met Office to build, maintain, and continuously improve the digital environment that they need. The Met Office teams have full autonomy over releases and the ability to integrate all of their systems with the DX platform as needed. With the new agile platform, the Met Office is prepared to serve its global customer base faster and more accurately than ever.