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How Williams Sonoma Boosted Traffic and Revenue With Bloomreach Discovery


Story Behind the Brand

Williams Sonoma, Inc. offers more than 15,000 products on five different websites, all with their own seasonal purchasing patterns and merchandising needs. As one of the company’s top five customer acquisition channels, organic search is among the larger marketing programs at Williams Sonoma.

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Williams Sonoma is the premier specialty retailer of home furnishings and gourmet cookware in the United States. It offers high quality, stylish products for every room in the house.

As one of the company’s top five customer acquisition channels, natural search is among the larger marketing programs at Williams Sonoma.

How could Williams Sonoma create new opportunities for itself while not sacrificing the gains it had made previously with organic search?

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Bloomreach Discovery, specifically SEO, provided the perfect opportunity for Williams Sonoma to expand on its organic search prowess.

The solution was specifically tailored to Williams Sonoma for optimal success. For example, the Williams Sonoma marketing team creates product descriptions that often use stylized terms reflective of the company’s brand. Consumers may use a different set of terms when they are describing their needs.

If Williams Sonoma calls a product “cutlery” on a website, but a customer is searching for knives, the product the customer wants needs to be discoverable.

The Williams Sonoma team partnered with Bloomreach to incorporate top user reviews into the Bloomreach “related products” widget placed on the product and category pages of Now, these products are exposed not only to searchers using phrases found in formal product descriptions, but also to searchers using the vocabulary that Williams Sonoma customers use in their reviews.

Bloomreach makes it easier for our customers to discover our products in a lot of different ways. As a result, it gave our content more exposure.


Holland Dauterive

SEO Specialist, Williams Sonoma


Williams Sonoma has seen incremental visits and revenue across all of the five sites that have implemented Bloomreach Discovery. Conversion rates have been consistent with other marketing channels.

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