Send traffic to your e-commerce site at scale and enhance the work of your SEO team with AI-powered automation that targets the most profitable keywords.

Long-tail Optimization

Bloomreach SEO indexes the web to understand what customers are looking for and all the ways they are searching for these products. It helps you capture this demand by optimizing your site for long-tail queries. 

Link Structure

Scale your efforts by improving link structure and enriching existing content. Your pages become more discoverable by taking your existing content and adding it to relevant pages on your site. And your pages become more crawlable by intelligently linking relevant high-ranking and low-ranking pages across your site.


Thematic Pages

We identify popular search terms and, if no landing page exists on your site, we create a new page of relevant products which can be found through organic search.


Communicating with your product index, Bloomreach identifies when products are out of stock and automatically replaces these with relevant items, ensuring thematic pages are always up to date.

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