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Empower your SEO team with our industry leading AI for ecommerce, Loomi. Automatically target the most profitable keywords and boost site traffic without all the additional effort.

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Show Up in More Results With Long-Tail Optimization

Bloomreach indexes the web to understand how customers are searching for your products. Using these insights, our technology then helps you optimize your site for long-tail queries.

Build a Link Structure That Connects Your Content

Make your site relevant, discoverable, and crawlable with an enriched link structure. Bloomreach links high-ranking and low-ranking pages to strengthen your SEO. We also match existing content with more relevant pages to boost your search rankings.

Target High-Value Terms With Thematic Pages

Never miss out on lucrative keyword rankings — we identify popular search terms for you. No page yet? We'll automatically create a new page of relevant products that can be found through organic search.

Keep Every Page Up to Date With Automation

Make sure your pages are always up to date. Bloomreach communicates with your product index to identify when products are out of stock. Then, we regularly replace them with relevant items.


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Common questions about Bloomreach Discovery's SEO product

Yes! SEO is crucial for getting your products in front of people who are unfamiliar with your brand. By ranking for product keywords in organic search, you’ll drive much more traffic to your ecommerce site, which will result in greater conversions and revenue.

To get your products to rank in search results, you’ll want to target both popular search terms and long-tail keywords in your product descriptions and landing pages. You’ll also want to have a solid link structure in place to give your lower-ranking content a boost.

Absolutely, and we recommend that you do this. Instead of manually tweaking keywords and updating pages, let an intelligent solution like Bloomreach Discovery do the heavy lifting. By using AI to optimize, link, and update your content, you’ll be able to climb the search result rankings much faster and at scale.

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  • Insights in as little as 24 hours*

*Timing may vary by project and complexity

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