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Experience next-level product and content search, merchandising, SEO, and recommendations all in one place with Bloomreach Discovery and Bloomreach Content. We have the fastest ROI and we'll prove it.

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Capabilities That Enhance Your Commerce Experience

There are dozens of ways to allocate your ecommerce budget to grow revenue. So, should a site search and merchandising tool be at the top of your list? See why Bloomreach Discovery is a perfect solution that seamlessly pairs with Salesforce.

  • Smartest Search
  • Strategic Merchandising
  • Headless Content Management

Site Search

See results immediately with over a decade of learnings that Bloomreach has gathered, refined, and preloaded into the search engine for you. The self-learning technology will continue to improve as it gets more of your specific user data and optimizes for what drives revenue for your specific business. Plus, Bloomreach's solution has a ton of out-of-the-box features based on real-world use cases that they’ve productized so that you don’t have to customize it yourself.

Merchandising Insights

Save time with Bloomreach’s built-in analytics. Make faster and smarter decisions with proactive suggestions on the best opportunities to improve revenue on your site. As a result, you’ll cut down that diagnosing time so that you can get an even faster ROI. Our merchandising solution also speeds up decision-making time and cuts down on menial tasks through a perfect balance of AI and merchandiser control.

Go Headless

Bloomeach’s headless CMS is a tool built with commerce needs in mind. Easily create, manage, and personalize amazing shopping experiences for all your digital channels. Then, use Bloomreach’s powerful APIs and software solutions to capture more revenue.


We’re a Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Search and Product Discovery!

Results That Matter to Your Business

average increase in revenue per visitor
average increase in conversion rate
average increase in average order value
average increase in team efficiency

Experience the Bloomreach Difference

Search and Merchandising

AI-powered semantic search and customizable merchandising 

Recommendations and Pathways

Personalized, contextual, and intelligent product recommendations and widgets 


Long-tail optimization and rich content enhancements

Testing and Audiences

A/B testing for targeting specific audience segments

Insights and Analytics

Merchandising analytics and actionable insights on customer behavior

We’ve absolutely seen the value of Bloomreach software for Salesforce sales and marketing.

"Onboarding and using new tools can feel like a burden, so it’s nice to hear from my team that it’s one of their favorite tools to use and the power it brings. It gives us the insights we need to read parts of our business. It’s just easy — it’s probably been one of my best decisions since I’ve been here."

Rachel Frederick | VP and GM, Ecommerce at Sur La Table | View Case Study

It's Not a Claim, It's a Promise

Our Search Impact Validation will provide:
  • Your search bar's potential with your data
  • A look at Bloomreach Discovery in action with your real products and results
  • Our impact report with your projected revenue lift
  • Insights in as little as 24 hours*

*Timing may vary by project and complexity

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