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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Flexible site search, marketing, and content management for a leading manufacturing experience.

Digital Transforms Go-to-Market

Manufacturers need a way to put digital into the DNA of their business quickly, leveraging new technologies to personalize the customer experience at an account level. To move fast, they need a solution that makes it simple to blend content, services, and commerce efficiently, that integrates with technology investments already made, and has the lightweight design to fit into a modern, microservice infrastructure.

With tools to create, launch, and syndicate impactful experiences across any touchpoint, Bloomreach Experience (brX) accelerates the go-to-market for B2B Manufacturers. As the only solution to combine intelligent site search and content management tools, all atop a microservices architecture, brX enables fast paced, scalable transformation for B2B manufacturing.

High Velocity, Best-in-Class Technical Architecture

Modular design provides the microservices and APIs to support both legacy investments and modern commerce technologies.  Stop the replatforming hamster wheel and build scalable, differentiated experiences - fast.

You’re not building this monolithic animal that’s hard to manage but you’re actually able to move quickly, efficiently, you’re getting scale and you don’t have to worry about the backend system

Digital Transformation PM, Bosch Power Tools

AI Powered Site Experience

AI powered site search brings automation to multi-catalogue, multi-pricing, numerical search terms,vertical specific terms, related products, superseding, segmentation, and SKU scaling. While the ability to customize and override always keeps you in control.

Efficient Creation of Unique Brand Experiences

Catalogues, content, pricing and services can be combined seamlessly and customized to any segment, account or individual. Unlock the power to scale personal, consistent experiences across multiple countries, languages, and touchpoints - without breaking the bank.

The Features Manufacturers Need to Compete

Relevant Results with B2B Semantic Search

Self learning site search understands numerical product information, vertical specific terms, and custom catalogues and pricing to return relevant results without lots of manual tuning.

Market-leading AI and Algorithms

Designed to deeply understand intent and language, Bloomreach algorithms allow you to improve findability without massive cost and to deliver Amazon like experiences. Algorithms simplify superseding products, related products, past purchase recommendations, and can be customized to drive towards unique business goals.

Intelligent Pathways to Products

Bloomreach Pathways™ are widgets that present intelligently selected products to each of your customers. Use Pathways for a wide variety of guided selling circumstances, e.g., superseding products, system products, configurators, image search, field applications, purchasing tools and more.

Flexible Content Management

Analyst recognized and market leading CMS with a flexible, microservices architecture and intuitive UI. Marketers and developers have the freedom to create differentiated, intelligent and connected content experiences that scale.

Content & Product Personalization

Rich capabilities for 1-to-1 and segment personalization built into your content, search and merchandising experiences. Fuel personalization efforts with any data source.

Scalable SEO & Landing Page Creation

Increase organic search traffic with clear insights for strategic teams and automatic optimization of internal linking. Organic and Marketing landing pages can be curated at scale by AI, while teams always have the power to customize and control.