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Differentiate your digital business using Bloomreach Content + Discovery to build digital experiences tuned for all users, including reps, distributors and end-users.

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Structure Your Strategy Around Product Discovery

As the manufacturer of your product, you are expected to be the expert in your products and how they are used. In B2B, many of your products are often engineered for very specific uses done by very specialised users in very distinct industries. Conventional Manual merchandising efforts usually fail since they can’t “keep up” with all the possible combinations.

With Bloomreach Discovery, there’s another way. Our self-learning technologies understand each product in your selection and track how your customers search for and interact with them - providing search results, recommendations, and merchandising efforts that deliver bottom-line results and also sky-high customer satisfaction.

Build Immersive Digital Experiences

Rethink the way you conduct business online. When it comes to content, manufacturers need to create the most complete, authoritative and targeted experience around their products, brand and message that caters to customers and sales people.

With Bloomreach Content, you can add and arrange products, personalize content and schedule pages and campaigns. As your target audience deals with changing projects, it’s now possible to present thoughtful content topics, formats, and presentations that speak to their individual dilemmas and present applicable solutions.

Give End-users the tools they need to Succeed

To wrangle your full product offering, speak as an expert across diverse audience segments, and create cohesive channels to communicate with end-users about complicated products, you must streamline the buyer’s journey and make it easier for your prospective buyer to find or learn about a single item, replacement parts, required accessories, or larger engineered systems that the item Is a part of - all in an online setting.

Whether it’s through your own branded website or that of your distributors, the end goal is always the same: entice the customer to act before the wake their search to your competitor. By using a combination of Bloomreach Content and Discovery, your business team can create cohesive, relevant, and highly personalized buying experiences that generate more revenue in the short and long term.

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How Personalization Impacts Manufacturers in B2B

of surveyed B2B manufacturers said that Personalization efforts on their site were either “effective” or “highly effective” at boosting their business
is the average number of channels a B2B customer uses during their purchasing/decision journey
of B2B Customers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences

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