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Kyocera SENCO Creates a Future-proof Digital Experience With Bloomreach and SQLI


Story Behind the Brand

In business for over 60 years, Kyocera SENCO specializes in fastening solutions and focuses on the development of innovative tools, fasteners, and accessories. The company offers a wide range of power fastening systems, anchoring products, diamond cutting tools, and other industry-specific solutions. The company’s commitment to social consciousness, quality, and forward-thinking ideas has helped it expand to 15 countries in Europe.

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Kyocera SENCO is a wholesaler selling SENCO products worldwide. It operates in a traditional B2B market, but finds itself in a niche product market as it focuses mainly on fastening solutions.

As digital commerce soared and B2B buyers began to look online for their products, Kyocera SENCO needed to create a digital experience that would suit its buyers’ needs and drive revenue. It needed to innovate its digital presence because it no longer wanted to rely solely on the traditional B2B way of selling products through partners and dealers.

That meant investing in digital branding, increasing its online presence, and making an effort to create personalized content for customers. The company began to notice that its brand was important not only to the dealers it was selling its products directly to, but the end users that the dealers were in business with as well.

That made tapping into the partnership between SQLI Digital Experience and Bloomreach to reach more customers and promote future growth even more important.

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Kyocera SENCO focused on three main areas as it worked to develop its brand identity with dealers and end users alike and to offer a digital experience that was future-proof.

It first focused on driving digitalization to differentiate the customer experience — this ensured that the company was preparing its digital presence for the long term. Not only did this involve establishing a robust digital presence with Bloomreach Content and SQLI, but it also involved setting up a data-driven customer service program.

Building brand awareness was also extremely important to Kyocera SENCO. It wanted to ensure that its brand was vibrant and visible in all 20 countries it sold in, and that the product information listed on its website was as accurate and complete as possible. Bloomreach Content allowed the company to manage its storefront and easily add products to any page with powerful APIs and software solutions designed to help drive more revenue.

Bloomreach and SQLI have allowed us to innovate our digital presence and invest fully in our brand. We have been able to connect with more customers and make an investment in our future that will allow us to scale to meet their needs.


Casper Veltman

Digital Project Manager, EMEA, Kyocera SENCO


Bloomreach and SQLI have helped Kyocera SENCO undergo a digital transformation that has the company looking towards the future. SQLI has helped Kyocera SENCO deliver a meaningful and engaging experience by leveraging technology and creativity to get closer to customers and capture their attention.

Kyocera SENCO will be laser focused on building its brand online and growing its brand internationally. Since it is active in 15 different European countries (with 12 different languages between them), it’s actively working with Bloomreach and SQLI to ensure that customers in each of those countries get a consistent brand experience in each local market.

The company is also charging ahead with important goals and objectives that will keep them ahead of the competition in the digital age. The future is bright for Kyocera SENCO thanks to its innovative and future-proof digitization. If you’d like to learn more about Kyocera SENCO and its digitization, check out the webinar it did with SQLI and Bloomreach.

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