Create Rich Commerce Experiences for Financial Customers

Looking for your next sound investment? The Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud will help you strategize and scale omnichannel journeys that focus on personalizing the customer experiences.

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Build Trust and Acquire Customers

If you want your customers to trust you with their money, you must first build and inspire trust in them. Customers now expect a connected experience with brands where they can seamlessly transition between devices, browsers and screens and still feel like they’re continuing the same conversation.

One Essential aspect of that is being able to see the same messaging, content and other key assets regardless of that device customers sign on with. That’s where Bloomreach Content, our headless content management system (CMS) comes in. Unify your team behind a platform that makes it easy to personalize the customer experience so that they always get your brands best.

Easily Manage Omnichannel Campaigns

You can even bring consistency to your customers beyond your website or app - every interaction they have with your brand should feel like a continuation of the last one.

Bloomreach Engagement makes that easier than ever. It’s an omnichannel campaign management solution built around a customer data platform, which means it can take in data from all customer interactions from all sources, including website, app, CRM and branches. Immediately apply that data to automated to manual campaigns.

Using more than 17 channels like email, SMS and ad networks. Get started quickly with building a single customer view and using it to drive campaigns that retain customers and drive up the customer lifetime value.

Don’t Compromise on Security

There are a few areas more important in the financial world than security. Bloomreach knows how hard your institution works to keep your customers protected - so we do, too.

We have industry-recognised certifications - including the SOC 2 (Type 2) Report - that show how seriously we take security and compliance. Bloomreach has a strong commitment to customer privacy, and was also the first Generl Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) certified SaaS company in the market. Learn more about what certificates we have and the steps we take internally to create a secure environment for your customer data.

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