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Tailor Each Interaction

Today’s consumers crave unique, seamless experiences. Winning businesses not only provide excellent, stylish merchandise - they also deliver a bespoke, 1:1 shopping experienence that echoes the benchmark set by both haute couture and high street brick and mortar retailers.

This begs the question: How do modern, digital-first fashion companies provide that experience? The answer lies in fully leveraging your customer and product data with a solution like Bloomreach Engagement to learn, optimize and personalize all of the touchpoint across the customers journey.

Streamline and Curate the Browsing Experience

Fashion lovers often hit the stores in one of two modes: They know exactly what they want, or they want to be surprised. Online retail is uniquely positioned to deliver on these whims. It’s up to businesses to make finding something that fits the bill a breeze with easy-to-use, curated search experiences.

Bloomreach Discovery streamlines and optimizes the product search experience by using AI to give customers what they’re searching for and most likely to purchase.

Deliver Useful Content at Every Stage

Make every page on your site stoppable and conversion-driving with Bloomreach Content, Build a content hub full of valuable and stoppable articles with products that are always up to date and relevant to the content. Yes, that means no more dead products in your articles.

Or, infuse your category page, product pages, collection pages or any other pages with bespoke content personalized to the vision and the intent.

Bloomreach Content is a headless solution built for commerce that enables your team to always give customers the best from your brand and generate measurable revenue uplift.

A Tech Stack for the Fashion-forward

Leading fashion retailers know their commerce tech is an investment piece. You need just the right balance of best-of-breed platforms to pull off the exceptional customer experiences that drive growth.

Bloomreach is the perfect, composable cloud solution to round out your stack with an API-first, modern cloud architecture and components capable of working both together and on their own.

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How Personalization Impacts the Fashion Industry


of customers are more likely to return to a site that offers product recommendations


of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized

Evaluating how fashion retailers leverage AI and personalization to win in e-commerce, personalizing the customer experience, should be a major consideration moving forward.

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