Recognize Repeat Customers and Build Brand Loyalty Through Personalized Experiences

Learn how to keep repeat and first-time traveler alike loyal to your business by offering them connected commerce experiences with personalized content. All aboard!

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Recognize Frequent Travelers and Build Loyalty

The building of brand loyalty starts with your business being able to consistently recognize repeat customers. If you walked into your favourite brick-and-mortar store and none of the employees recognized you, how would that make you feel? That feeling is very avoidable in e-commerce with Bloomreach Engagement.

Thanks in large part to its single customer view, Bloomreach Engagement allows companies to identify repeat customers based on previous trip or stay data. Companies can use then use that data to make personalized travel recommendations via web layers or remarketing strategies.

It’s not enough to just understand your customers these days - unless you can take action based on that understanding you’re losing out on revenue.

Facilitate a Personalized Customer Experience

What customers want in today’s marketplace is personalized digital customer experience that rivals or exceeds your company’s in-person one. That comes naturally with Bloomreach Engagement.

Instead of sending a generic message to everyone, companies can send personalized email, SMS, ad and other campaigns to segmented groups of customers to deliver a relevant message that inspires action. This can encourage them to book that train trip, add on another night’s stay, or plan that next vacation.

These personalized communications are also not difficult to implement into your company’s marketing strategy. With Bloomreach Engagement, employees with a less technical background are able to utilise collected customer data to generate these personalized campaigns. An IT or data team is not needed to make the customer data useful in real time. Nothing stands in a markets way with Bloomreach Engagement

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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Whether you want to push travellers toward their next dream vacation or list the most beautiful lodging recommendations, it’s essential that your content is eye-catching and motivates your customers to act. Our headless content management system, Bloomreach Content, is the best way to unify your team with a platform that is built for commerce and to ensure that your customers always get the best from your brand.

In today’s market, customers are looking beyond products - they want experiences. This is particularly true for travellers looking to get away on their long-awaited vacations. Expand your toolset and enrich your site with content that will capture the attention of your consumers and, more importantly, be relevant to this needs.

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How Personalization Impacts the Travel Industry

+ 82.3%

Lift in total demand for air travel in January 2022 compared to January 2021

+ 41.5%

January 2022 domestic air travel was up 41.5% compared to the year-ago

Global travel tech companies, villa rental businesses, and the like will have to face the significant challenge of re-engaing a cold customer base and providing experiences that help retain customers.

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