Understand Your Customers To Drive Repeat Bookings

By truly understanding your travelers’ needs and anticipating their behavior, you can maximize your revenue and keep them coming back. All aboard! 

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Recognize Frequent Travelers

Know who your most loyal customers are with the help of deep analytics and customer data platform capabilities — powered by our customer data engine. With this data in hand, you can increase profitable bookings by targeting the right audience with RFM analysis and also reduce CAC and CPC by optimizing your ads with high-intent lookalike travelers. 

Keep Customers Coming Back

Customer loyalty is crucial for success in the travel industry. Improve customer lifetime value with omnichannel marketing strategies like loyalty programs and rewards, and seamlessly combine transactional and marketing communications. 

Drive Customer Loyalty

Make loyalty a priority in 2023, and harness the secret weapon smart travel and tourism companies use to execute on their customer retention goals.

Create Personalized Experiences in Real Time

Deliver real-time updates to your travelers on bookings, flight changes, discounts, and more. Send personalized newsletters, price drop notifications, and relevant upsell or cross-sell opportunities and promotions to boost conversion rates, average order value, and engagement. 

Do Even More With Advanced Personalization

Use our advanced AI to implement contextual personalization, a smarter alternative to basic A/B testing that can increase on-site conversions. You can easily start providing AI-based personalization with five out-of-the-box prediction models, or you can customize the recommendations and predictions according to your business needs. 

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How Personalization Impacts the Travel Industry

+ 82.3%

Lift in total demand for air travel in January 2022 compared to January 2021

+ 41.5%

January 2022 domestic air travel was up 41.5% compared to the year-ago

Global travel tech companies, villa rental businesses, and the like will have to face the significant challenge of re-engaging a cold customer base and providing experiences that help retain customers.

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