Bloomreach Engagement Pricing

A single flexible platform for personalized marketing automation, customer data, and omnichannel orchestration.

Start Small or Go Big — Engagement Pricing Is Scaled To Fit Your Needs

With Bloomreach Engagement, you can get started with a single channel or the entire platform, allowing you to drive value fast and grow at your own pace.

Email Marketing

Personalized email marketing that puts the customer first, from sign-up to repeat purchase, so you send fewer emails to make more money.

Intelligence and Orchestration

Perfect for getting started and trying Bloomreach’s powerful AI predictions, data unification, and omnichannel orchestration capabilities.

SMS and Mobile Messaging

Personalized SMS and WhatsApp (with add-on mobile app features) to help you text less and convert more customers.

Ad Optimization

Reduce CAC on ad platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Snapchat with better visibility into historical and predicted user behavior.

Web and App Personalization

On-site personalization (with add-on in-app personalization) and A/B testing — powered by real-time, first-party data for the fastest ROI on the market.

Enterprise Engagement

The ultimate omnichannel marketing solution that includes all your best marketing channels, customer data, AI, and advanced analytics.

Combine the power of all packages to:

Bloomreach Leads the Pack in Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Rated by Analysts and Our Customers

We’ll Be There To Help You Grow Every Step of the Way

Get Started Quickly

Depending on your needs, get set up and running in no time, like our customer Woolworths Metro60.

Our platform allows you to scale your operations so you can start small, stay focused, and grow without having to add complexity to your tech stack.

Experience Fast Processing Time

Compared to competitors, Bloomreach Engagement is over 1,000x faster in platform and processing speed.

Our platform returns data in milliseconds vs. minutes with our competitors.

Feel Supported at Every Stage

Experience an average 2-minute support response time. Help is always a few keystrokes away and available through multiple channels, ensuring your team guidance during critical times.

Plus, our Strategic Experts and Business Consultants will help you unlock new opportunity as you scale your own operations.

Make Connecting Your Current Tech a Breeze

Choose from over 130 integrations and technology partners, plus 180 agency partners, to help you get the most out of Bloomreach Engagement.

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Bloomreach Engagement Pricing FAQs

What makes Bloomreach different from other marketing automation tools on the market?

Bloomreach Engagement is the only marketing platform that combines customer data, automation, AI, and analytics into a single solution capable of true real-time marketing and faster time to value. It is an omnichannel marketing platform with a built-in customer data engine that unifies all customer data, interactions, preferences, and predicted behavior. You can start with a single channel, like SMS, and add more as you grow.

With Bloomreach, your data sets and audiences are consistent and accessible on all your channels, so your individual channel marketing strategy will always be informed by and in sync with all other campaigns. Plus, you ultimately save on things like SMS sending costs, ad spend, and email database health by being hyper-targeted and personalized.

We can be. Data is at the core of all of our marketing automation products. When you buy Engagement you get access to our customer data engine (CDE), which combines data unification, identity resolution, and other CDP capabilities with journey orchestration, AI, and marketing analytics. Learn more about our customer data engine.

How do you calculate price?

Your Bloomreach subscription consists of two parts: a module fee and a usage fee. You only pay for the modules (e.g., email marketing) you wish to access. After choosing the module, your pricing is usage-based. The more the usage, the lower your per-unit price, so growing with Bloomreach is a win-win. All base plans include access to our customer data engine, Bloomreach’s data and analytics core. Your base plan also comes with Bloomreach support and access to our documentation and best practice sessions.

An annual subscription gives you flexibility and challenges Bloomreach to demonstrate our value year after year. We only win when our customers win. We believe a year is an adequate amount of time for us to prove our value, although you can unlock even better rates with longer-term agreements.

With Bloomreach Engagement, you start anywhere and build as you grow. All of our base plans are channel or module specific so you get the most out of the platform to solve for your immediate pain points. You only pay for the modules you want. Additional modules and upgrades can be purchased separately.

Engagement continues to work without upgrading, meaning there is no interruption to your marketing activities. Excess usage is charged separately. You can upgrade your contracted usage amount for better rates by contacting your rep.

Yes! Our pricing is structured to allow you to grow at your own pace. As a customer, you will have a representative you can contact to get started with other modules as soon as you’re ready — without interruption to your current marketing activities.

How quickly can I get started?

Our goal is to enable you to send hyper-targeted and personalized campaigns as soon as possible. It all depends on your unique needs and situation. For example, we’ve had customers get started in as little as a few weeks setting up a single channel. On average, our customers are actively using Bloomreach Engagement within 3 months as attested in the G2 2023 Comparisons and Ratings Report. To help you get started and continue to grow, we offer a variety of services and support, including:

You bet — it’s one of the things that we do best. Bloomreach seamlessly integrates with leading commerce platforms including Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and Magento. We also support two-way integrations with popular apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Attentive, Klaviyo, Movable Ink, Gorgias, and Yotpo, and can also easily plug into your existing data solutions like Snowflake, Segment, and more.

With 130+ integrations (and growing), you can sync as much of your data as you want across ecommerce, email, SMS, loyalty, web, and analytics sources. Need to get granular? Our API lets you customize what data you pull in to truly fit your omnichannel needs.

We provide support spanning from implementation to practical use to strategic consulting. When you use Bloomreach Engagement, you can contact support directly in the app. With an average 2-minute response time, our support team provides prompt front-line support. Plus, our Strategic Experts and Business Consultants will help you unlock new opportunity as you scale your operations.


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