Bloomreach Delivers D2C Profitability

We’ve gathered these D2C resources to help you grow profitably, scale efficiently, and drive faster ROI.

Why Bloomreach?

Send Fewer Emails…And Make More Money

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Make the highest ROI channel even better in a tough market: the humble yet powerful email. Use all of your real-time customer data to send fewer, but more impactful emails.

Grow Profitably…With SMS and Mobile

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Bloomreach offers a robust set of SMS and mobile features that’ll help you strengthen your mobile marketing strategy, including TCPA-compliant sign-up units to personalization.

Scale Efficiently…With AI

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Grow and scale your personalization efforts with features that leverage AI for good things — and make your job more fun! Predict churn, spend ad dollars more efficiently and more.

Profitability Without Replacement

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Not ready to break up with your ESP, SMS, and other marketing vendors? No problem! With prebuilt two-way integrations to Klaviyo, Attentive, and other apps, plug Bloomreach into your current stack.

Over 130+ Integrations

We offer all the support you need to connect with your customers, from insights to orchestration.

  • Shopify
  • Klaviyo
  • Attentive
  • Gorgias


Get the winning combination of Shopify and Bloomreach for higher profitability and repeat purchases. Join top D2C brands leveraging built-in customer data and AI to personalize every email, SMS, and more with Bloomreach.


Export customers, consents and campaign events, and utilize the data available for reporting and segmentations to build a full customer picture. You can also activate the data on other channels such as web & app, digital ads or mobile messaging.


Leverage all of the data they have in Bloomreach to send better SMS communications via Attentive, with this two-way integration. This integration also unlocks more advanced reporting and analytics.


This new two-way API integration allows you to seamlessly import information about open and closed support tickets from Gorgias, in real-time.

Bloomreach in Action

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