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Turn your repeat shoppers into loyal brand advocates by creating customer journeys so personalized, they feel like magic. The checkout lane will become the fast lane to conversion with the Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud.

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Nurture Loyalty With Qualified Prospects and Returning Customers

There’s no question about it: shoppers in the grocery industry are historically more loyal to their brand of choice, but your business shouldn’t take that for granted. Leverage your customers’ preferences and take your engagement strategy up a notch with specialty emails featuring custom recipes, well-informed store promotions, and more. With Bloomreach Engagement, all your customer data holds endless potential to create valuable and intentional automated marketing campaigns.

Our solution will optimize and personalize all touchpoints across the purchase journey, highlighting your attentiveness and helping you stand out from the competition. Create 1:1 personalized digital experiences at scale with rich data insights and increase all the important key metrics in your industry, from conversions and average order size (AOS) to customer lifetime value (CLV)..

Leverage Game-changing Search and Merchandising Capabilities

Customers know what they want when shopping online for groceries. Strengthen your business impact through the power of product discovery, which will help shoppers quickly find their favorite items, build their shopping carts effectively, and even stumble on products that they didn’t know they wanted. It all starts with Bloomreach Discovery.

Our product discovery tool intelligently retrieves and ranks your catalog, showing prospects the items they’re most likely to purchase. Bloomreach’s superior product understanding can separate products from their attributes, so your search bar will never mix up “chocolate milk” and “milk chocolate” ever again. Personalize recommendations with important segments in the grocery sector, such as neighborhood, and prioritize reordering by surfacing previously purchased items and even newly recommended ones.

Inspire Your Shoppers With Informative, Targeted Content

Grocery brands must build informed experiences that inspire their shoppers to take action, and you can do just that by expanding your typical content management toolset with Bloomreach Content. Capture the attention of your targeted audience, and more importantly, be relevant to their needs with personalized landing pages that will highlight food ingredients, household products, and other necessities based on a customer’s purchasing patterns.

Whether you want to create blog posts full of nutritional suggestions, enrich product listing pages with thoughtful food descriptions, or use content in other ways to improve the grocery shopping experience, Bloomreach Content is your go-to solution. With it, you can keep the digital experience consistent from the moment you begin a campaign through checkout.

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Digital Developments in Groceries

Help Your Customers Ditch Dead-End Trips to the Grocery Store


Increase in Grocery’s Traffic YoY


Lift in Grocery’s Sales YoY

Grocery’s stability, traffic, and sales numbers solidify its lasting adoption in ecommerce. Not only are people changing the frequency of times they shop in-store per month, but they also purchase food and other necessities — online and otherwise — with supply chain disruptions in mind.

These numbers point to a complete shift in shopper behavior as the adaptation of online grocery shopping is clearly here to stay. People are gravitating towards online grocery because of the speed and convenience of curbside pickup and delivery options. Online grocery shopping has become a habit built on convenience.

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