Serve More Than Just Looks

In a world of diverse skin tones, combinations, and style preferences, customers come to you searching for their individual style. It’s time to give them a truly personalized site experience that fits their style with the Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud.

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Bring Inclusion and Personalization Together for Better Results

You’ve done the work to expand product lines, shades, and color palettes. You keep up with ever-changing trends and customer wants. Now it’s time to make sure your customers feel inspired, heard, and empowered.

Deliver 1:1 shopping experiences at every stage of the customer journey with Bloomreach Engagement. Our single platform offers 360° customer profiles that fully leverage customer data so you can craft campaigns that feel as unique as your clientele. Trigger personalized email and SMS campaigns, segment audiences based on real-time customer behavior, and A/B test any touchpoint in the consumer journey to best serve their style.

Provide Truly Unique Site Experiences

Patching together pages of products for customers to scroll through doesn’t cut it in today’s e-commerce market. The best online stores know that you need to speak to your customer’s unique mindset. Whether they’ve come to your site to reinvent themselves or are looking to purchase a specific product, your audience deserves a streamlined, curated experience that wows them from the start.

Our search, merchandising, and recommendations engine uses machine learning and AI to showcase the right products to the right customers, giving them that hand-picked service they expect from a brick-and-mortar store. With Bloomreach Discovery, your site goes beyond what is humanly possible with real-time results that increase order value, boost loyalty, and inspire new visitors to purchase.

Design Content That Compliments Every Customer

Your digital storefront should be as radiant as your products, and our headless content management system lets you manage your site with ease. Bloomreach Content is built for commerce, offering powerful APIs and software solutions to help you provide bespoke site experiences and capture more revenue.

Personalize your content at scale and use segmented data to build audiences and target the right customer with the right message at the right time. You can optimize any page on your site, from articles and style guides to exclusive collections and individual products, ensuring that every touchpoint on your site is relevant, shoppable, and impactful.

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Digital Developments in the Beauty Industry

Retail Is Getting a Whole New Look

$ 12 billion

is the expected growth in the online beauty retail market between now and 2026.


of consumers have ordered beauty products online compared to 51% in 2019.

Leveraging AI and personalization in e-commerce to merge offline and online customer data into one actionable platform should be a top priority for modern beauty retailers.

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