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Travis Perkins

B2B buying was never just a transaction.

Distributors provide the account specific catalogues, pricing, services, and advice that customers rely on to make confident purchases. As digitally native buyers enter the market, distributors are pressed to quickly launch self-service commerce options that meet high user expectations, leverage critical backend systems, and master the complexity of the highly customized B2B sales cycle. 

A differentiated experience uses technology to make business efficient for everyone in the process. Buyers can quickly find and purchase items they need, with relevant content available 24/7 to give them confidence. Seller ecosystems can flourish with streamlined operations. Sales teams become empowered with real time information and the in-field purchasing capabilities they need to close the deal. 

To digitally transform existing sales channels, and create new self-service options, distributors need technologies that integrate fast, scale easily, and intelligently automate processes. But, many are stuck with inflexible legacy platforms and outdated manual tools.

As the only platform to combine intelligent site search with a flexible content management system - all on a microservices architecture - Bloomreach Experience (brX) is the solution distributors use to build an experience of rich content and services that master the unique needs of B2B distribution.

The Features Brands Need to Compete

Relevant Results with B2B Semantic Search

Self-learning site search understands numerical product information, vertical specific terms, and custom catalogues and pricing to return relevant results every time.

Intelligent Pathways to Products

Bloomreach Pathways™ are widgets that present intelligently selected products to each of your customers. Use Pathways for a wide variety of guided selling circumstances, e.g.,  superseding products, system products, field applications, purchasing tools and more.

Market-leading AI and Algorithms

Designed to deeply understand intent and language, Bloomreach algorithms allow you to go head-to-head with the Amazon experience and win. Algorithms simplify superseding, related products, past purchase recommendations, and can be customized to drive towards unique business goals.

Flexible Content Management

Analyst recognized and market leading CMS with a flexible, microservices architecture and intuitive UI. Marketers and developers have the freedom to create differentiated, intelligent and connected content experiences that scale.

Content & Product Personalization

Rich capabilities for 1-to-1 and segment personalization built into your content, search and merchandising experiences. Fuel personalization efforts with any data source.

Customizable Algorithms

Collaborate with AI to build your custom retailing strategy into merchandising, search, and content delivery. Deploy in your current experience and create new API-driven widgets to level up the experience.

Research and Insights

How Watsco Got Personal & Transformed Their Site Search into an AI-Driven Revenue Machine

Featuring Paul McCluskey, director of e-commerce at Watsco


The Rise of the B2B Customer Experience Imperative

Written by BloomReach B2B experts


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