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Learn how e-commerce technology has matured to the point where it works for B2B products, and evolve your fulfillment workflows by unifying the customer’s online and offline experiences.

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Solve the Digital Conundrum in Distribution

Described by insiders as “very big, very old, and heavily fragmented,” the distribution industry has experiences many setbacks in recent years. That’s why it is time to move the needle and provide a self-service approach that fully automates the e-commerce journey for B2B buyers.

Relieve the “busy work” for your sales team, meet ever-increasing customer expectations and improve your bottom line with the “digital-first” mindset seen across B2C. By implanting exceptional user experiences that go beyond standing up a digital storefront, you can push past the 40% of distributors currently conducting business online and establish yourself as a true digital innovator.

Pave the Way to Success With Incredible Customer Experiences

B2B distributors have found tremendous value in a combination of Bloomreach Content and Bloomreach Discovery. Bloomreach Content offers headless content and page management to control how your brand presents itself online. Put your customers digital; experience directly in the hands of people who know your products best and have them actively and creatively manage the products that drive revenue.

Next, Organize thousands - or millions - of SKUs and turn them into profitable search results, recommendations and merchandising efforts with he power of Bloomreach Discovery self-learning AI uses natural language processing, advances attribute extraction, and vision behaviour to deliver great B2B customer experiences.

Best of Both B2B Worlds - Bigger Selection *Plus* Better Product Discovery

In dealing with numerous brands and more diversified product listings, your work is cut out for you even more then your manufacturer counterpart. Better manage your SKU count, target diverse audiences, create cohesive channels to communicate with end users about technically complicated products and build solid pathways for customers to easily learn about a part, piece, or even an entire item in an online setting.

The power dynamic between distributor and customer has shifted. If your end users cannot locate the product they’re looking for, they’ll simply click over to your competitor. Avoid any user frustration and shape cohesive, relevant and highly personalized experiences that generate more revenue with a winning combination of Bloomreach Content and Bloomreach Engagement.

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How Personalization Impacts B2B Distribution Industry

B2B Seller respondents were "Focusing on a better user experience/adding more B2C-like features (i.e. personalization, customization")
Distributors/Wholesalers rated their implementation of e-commerce personalization features as "Effective" or "Highly Effective"
Respondents said Very personalized experiences resulted in >1% market share increase vs their peers

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