Create A Personalized Site Experience Based on The Buyer's Industry

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B2B Distributors



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For distributors who sell products to companies across many industries, buyers who see an experience focused specifically on their industry when they log in are more likekly to trust that distributor as an authoritative source of expertise. They're also more likely to buy from there than a supplier who promotes items that are irrelevant to the buyer's business.


Earn your buyers' trust by ensuring that the products the website suggests are highly relevant to their specific business or the most common applications they use.

  • A buyer who logs in from Boeing has an experience where products relevant to aerospace manufacturing are featured higher in results, and are also shown more often as recommendations. But a buyer who logs in from a food production/bakery plant would see products relevant to their industry (e.g., food-safe lubricants and pumps rated for food contact).
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