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Mansion Group Personalizes the Customer Journey With Bloomreach Engagement


Story Behind the Brand

Mansion Group is an online casino business that has been in business for nearly 20 years and has seven million customers around the world. The group is composed of three brands —, Mansion Casino, and Slots Heaven. From the beginning, Mansion Group’s vision was to provide customers worldwide with an industry-leading service that is knowledgeable and personalized, while simultaneously ensuring its products are premium quality. 



more personalized customer journeys with Bloomreach Engagement
faster to create and execute campaigns with Bloomreach Engagement


As the importance of ecommerce personalization soared in digital commerce, the team at Mansion Group was faced with two important challenges to soar in the online gaming marketplace.

The first was to offer their consumers the most personalized customer experience in the online casino industry. The second? Finding a marketing technology solution that would allow for this to be done efficiently without wasting marketing spend on non-targeted campaigns.

Previously, Mansion Group used a combination of tools to send marketing campaigns — a process that proved to be too manual and didn’t offer customers the level of personalization they deserved in their interactions with the brand. The company’s legacy tech stack created rigidity with the process of creating new campaigns and delivering tailored content would have required re-engineering all of the previous integrations. As a result, campaigns were far too manual and took far too long to roll out.

Because of the slow pace of campaign creation and lack of personalization options, Mansion opted to make a change to better serve its customers.

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Bloomreach Engagement proved to be the perfect all-in-one solution that Mansion Group was looking for to unify its customer data and launch personalized campaigns in real time.

Migrating its marketing to Bloomreach allowed Mansion Group to stop suffering through overly manual processes and start being more efficient at scaling personalized offerings for customers. This allowed the company to create more personalized customer journeys, provide a better customer experience overall, and increase customer lifetime value.

Mansion Group has expanded its portfolio of communication channels (including using email marketing, weblayers, and SMS and messaging more efficiently) in its Bloomreach Engagement environment, and is now more efficiently creating omnichannel campaigns for retention marketing. What’s more, it only needs to use a single marketing technology solution to do so. The company was able to introduce these new communication channels very simply — just “flipping a switch,” according to Bourcier. Having an all-in-one solution also helps Mansion Group avoid the common burden in the gaming industry of integrating with multiple different communication platforms to connect with customers.

With its previous tech stack, it would take Mansion Group 2-4 weeks to use raw customer data to create custom segments or aggregates. With Bloomreach Engagement, Mansion’s marketers can create any type of segmentation using the ingested raw data and get it calculated in seconds. This can also be done without the assistance of the IT or professional services teams. This is a vast improvement in speed and efficiency over Mansion Group’s previous tech stack of multiple different vendors, as it is now easier to create and scale campaigns.

Mansion Group can also use any data attributes within Bloomreach Engagement to personalize customer interactions, as the majority of the company’s communication platforms are fully integrated with Bloomreach. The move to Bloomreach Engagement has saved the team at Mansion Group time, unlocked ease of use, and made it easier for the company to foster a deeper relationship with its customers through personalization.

Bloomreach Engagement has enabled us to fully leverage our customer data for personalizing messages, targeting, segmentations, reporting, predictive modeling, and automating our campaigns. This has contributed to significant improvements in our key player metrics.


James Bourcier

Head of Marketing, Mansion Group


Mansion Group has not only experienced increased ease of use with Bloomreach Engagement, but also has seen positive uplift with several key metrics as well.

Prior to integrating Bloomreach Engagement, the company used six different third-party marketing technology solutions for customer relationship management. It is now down to just three — Bloomreach Engagement, an online gaming marketing solution, and a gamification platform.

The company is scaling up its marketing efforts, and is expecting to double personalized customer journeys with Bloomreach Engagement this year. Mansion Group is trending to become eight times faster with Bloomreach than with its previous providers.

Additionally, Mansion Group marketing professionals can now build their own bespoke reports and dashboards in Bloomreach Engagement alongside their business analytics team. It can simply create hyper-relevant dashboards for deep customer insights that inform future marketing efforts.

“Bloomreach Engagement puts configuration in the users’ hands,” Bourcier said. “Many other vendors have features that require the support of technical people, but with Bloomreach, you have a user interface with features that can be easily set up by our marketing professionals.”

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