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In uncertain economic times with rising customer acquisition costs, leveraging your existing customers through personalized reengagement campaigns is a proven tactic to boost clicks, conversion, and revenue.

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Reengagement campaigns are some of marketing’s most efficient and best-performing tools

Your Existing Customers Offer the Clearest Path to Revenue Growth

Reengagement campaigns focus on your existing customers, who are twice as likely to purchase new products compared to new customers. Prioritizing their conversions is a smart strategy — they’ve demonstrated affinity for your brand, shopped your site, and given you valuable customer data that can inform their next interaction with your brand.

Personalization Makes All the Difference

Don’t settle for average performances from reengagement efforts when they have the potential to be your most revenue-driving campaigns. The difference between typical strategies and personalized campaigns can make all the difference. When you personalize reengagement and truly activate your customer data, your results can reach new heights.

Empower Your Customers With Optimized Reengagement Campaigns

Offer a personalized customer experience that shoppers want to interact with.

With a completely customizable use case flow, you can go beyond the typical abandoned cart email to craft truly inspirational connections. Lifestyle retailer Oliver Bonas used Bloomreach Email Marketing to reengage with customers and uses data insights to speak directly to each individual user’s pain points, resulting in a 97% boost in campaign email click-through rates.

Get real-time access to both your customer’s preferences and your product data to set up automatic email notifications that let customers know a specific item they were interested in is back in stock. Kitchen appliance retailer Vivamix used Bloomreach Email Marketing to keep shoppers up to date on inventory with triggered messaging that serves them the products they want as soon as they’re available.

Reduce the lag time of reengagement campaigns with low-inventory banners that reach shoppers while they’re still on site, where an appeal to urgency is most compelling. Polish retailer Vitkac uses Bloomreach Web Personalization to recommend in-stock items that match a user’s in-session behavior, showing the most pertinent products to their individual buyer’s persona as they shop in real time.

Drive average order values and purchase frequencies with loyalty campaigns that promote fresh, personalized experiences. Beer company BrewDog used Bloomreach Email Marketing powered by a Customer Data Engine to segment their audience and tailor email campaigns to customers based on their loyalty and previous engagement.

Vivamix Achieves 65% Click-through Rates With Automated Reengagement Messages

Vivamix has specialized in KitchenAid service and distribution in Poland since 1991. It was searching for a way to keep its customers up to date with the latest information on when their favorite products were back in stock and ready to be purchased, and found a solution with Bloomreach Engagement.

Sold-out Items Leave Shoppers Dissatisfied

Every shopper has experienced the frustration of seeking out an item only to find that it’s out of stock.

Plus, continuously checking back to see whether that item is back in stock consumes valuable time, causing even more frustration. This can have a negative impact on a company’s brand image, customer loyalty, and revenue.

Automatic Alerts Reengage in Real Time

To ensure that customers receive accurate, verified, and personalized information about the products they’re interested in, Vivamix set up automatic availability notifications with Bloomreach Engagement.

Our algorithm monitors Vivamix’s inventory in real time and alerts customers with personalized notifications when a desired product is back in stock.

Personalized Alerts Create More Clicks

In the first month of sending these automatic availability notifications, Vivamix sent over 3,000 notifications to 1,600 customers. The open rate of the notification messages was 65%, while the click-through rate reached 40%, resulting in a 17% increase in revenue.

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