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How Oliver Bonas Uses Bloomreach Engagement to Make Their Campaigns Soar


Story Behind the Brand

Oliver Bonas is a British lifestyle retailer with over 80 brick-and-mortar stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Intent on designing its own take on fashion and homeware, Oliver Bonas also offers an online shopping experience for customers across the globe.

increase in revenue
jump in conversion rates
boost in campaign email click-through rate


Oliver Bonas was looking to obtain a “single customer view” (SCV). Essentially, it wanted an extensive database of customer profiles, complete with purchase history, site activity, and product recommendations.

To hit its targeted goals, Oliver Bonas needed a database that was scalable, flexible, and updatable in real time in order to create more personalized communications with customers and improve key metrics.

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Oliver Bonas turned to Bloomreach Engagement, which is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), for its new marketing strategy, which sought to accommodate a variety of customer segments and incorporate brand new designs and email flows for different channels and their sign-up locations.

These new emails were personalized to each customer segment, and also featured opt-in segments, reminders, and abandoned-cart notices. These offerings allowed Oliver Bonas to target and retarget its designated audiences.

Overall, the unified data, collected through Bloomreach’s all-inclusive platform, delivered connected customer experiences with a single, automated solution. It also allowed customers to manage their correspondence with the company through an email preference center.

We have been incredibly impressed with the support received and speed at which we have seen significant results. We are very excited about the numerous projects we have in the pipeline to develop our functionalities and customer experience further.


Alice Lewin Smith

Marketing Consultant at Oliver Bonas


In less than a year, Oliver Bonas experienced exponential results with Bloomreach. Bloomreach Engagement helped the company better connect with its prospective and existing customers, leading to a sharp increase in email click-through rates.

By taking their email campaigns to the next level, Oliver Bonas continues to unify and leverage customer data to drive revenue and conversions. The business’ increasing ROI is proof that Bloomreach’s solution has been a great success.

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