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Vivamix Uses Bloomreach Engagement To Let Customers Know Products Are Back in Stock

Vivamix has specialized in KitchenAid service and distribution in Poland since 1991. It was searching for a way to keep its customers up to date with the latest information on when their favorite products were back in stock and ready to be purchased and found a solution with Bloomreach Engagement.

open rate on automatic notification emails
click-through rate on automatic notification emails
increase in revenue comparing automatic notification emails to other email campaigns

The Challenge

Shoppers all over the world have experienced the disappointment and frustration that comes with the item they were searching for being out of stock. 

At the same time, continuously checking back to see whether that item is now back in stock consumes a lot of valuable time and can cause even more additional frustration. This can have a negative impact on a company’s brand image, customer loyalty, and revenue.

The Solution

One way to ensure that customers receive accurate, verified, and personalized information about the products they are waiting for? Automatic availability notifications with the help of Bloomreach Engagement. These automated notifications alert customers who were given an out of stock notification that the product they were looking for is now back in stock and can be purchased. 

With the help of partner Vecton, the automation algorithm was developed and implemented in the Bloomreach Engagement platform, which had been previously integrated with the data of store and its ecommerce engine — the GOshop platform.

The entire process began with a customer requesting to receive notifications about a given product variant being temporarily unavailable. These notifications can be submitted at any time and for any number of products. Based on each request, in real time, the algorithm embedded in Bloomreach Engagement updates the customer's individual list of product variants.

Based on the current individual lists of product variants, an automated script checks the availability of variants in the store's inventory in real time — without any human involvement. If any of the tracked products appear in the store's stock, then the script sends a personalized email notification with links to the products that have become available. The data about openings, clicks, and subsequent purchases proves the enormous interest of customers in notifications sent in this way.

The Results

In the first month of sending these automatic availability notifications, Vivamix sent over 3,000 notifications to 1,600 customers. The open rate of the notification messages was 65% while the click-through rate on these messages was 40%. 

One of the most important components of success with this project was Vivamix’s familiarity with its customers and having the most up-to-date data about their preferences, communication history, and transactions all in one single customer view. If you’re interested in learning more about how Bloomreach Engagement can help you compile and use your customer data like Vivamix did, schedule a personalized demo today.