Improve Site Search for Satisfied Customers

Increase conversions and remove customer frustrations with intelligent, flexible product search designed for revenue optimization.

Harness Day Zero Search Learnings for Impactful Results

We’ve spent over 12 years learning the nuances of how consumers search for products, and apply that to our ML algorithms for all to benefit. And that’s just the beginning – see how our AI keeps optimizing relevance and ranking over time.

Offer Actionable Queries With Autosuggest

Automatically suggest common searches based on your shoppers’ behavior. Suggestions are supplemented by our semantic engine to reduce cold start issues, and Bloomreach automatically eliminates any suggestions that would lead to null results.

Enhance Your Rankings With Facet Optimization

Automatically reorder your facets based on interaction data to match how shoppers are searching. For new products that don't have interaction data yet, Bloomreach intelligently ranks facets according to category.

Tailor SKU Images to Match Customer Preferences

Automatically pick which product image shoppers see by matching the attribute they searched for. For example, show plus-sized models to shoppers who search for XXL clothing.

Convert With Segment Reranking

Serving the right results to the right audience is the fastest path to conversion. Bloomreach’s algorithms personalize and rerank search results for every segment. Plus, you can input your own segments or use Bloomreach Engagement to build them.

Learn more about Segment Building

Tailor Results in Real Time With 1:1 Personalization

Give your site a personalized feel with results that cater to each customer. As your shoppers browse, Bloomreach remembers their preferences and reranks products accordingly, especially for in-session browsing.

Answer Exact Queries With Precision Search

Sometimes search needs to be precise. Maybe when your customers search for designer brands, a similar product from another label just won’t do – or maybe they’re only searching for specific part numbers. Bloomreach makes it possible to apply precision to product types, categories, numeric attributes, or attributes to support part number search, fitment, brand searches, and more.

Keep Customers Engaged and On Site With Content Search

Bring content and products together by surfacing blogs and articles within the search results. Inspire shoppers with the latest trends or guide them to detailed product education so they can find the perfect product.

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Site Search FAQs

Common questions about Bloomreach’s Site Search product with Bloomreach Discovery.

There are two basic ways to fix search relevance. The first is to have perfect product data at all times (unachievable for even the best of us). The second is to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to fill in gaps in your product while aligning to the imprecise and ever-changing ways customers search. Learn more about Search Intelligence.

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