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With our intelligent e-commerce site search, you'll improve your customer experience and increase revenue. And we can prove it.

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average revenue lift proven across 100+ A/B tests
Fewer hours spent finding insights and diagnosing problems
Greater AOV due to better merchandising and recommendations

Use Our Years of Learnings to Your Advantage

Right from the start, you’ll benefit from over 14+ years of learnings on the nuances of e-commerce site search and customer behavior. And our AI-based search will only continue to get smarter over time.

Personalize Search Results in Real Time

Add personalization to your on-site search with results that cater to each customer. As your shoppers browse, Bloomreach remembers their preferences and reranks products. It doesn't matter if your shoppers are in session or not.

Optimize Facets for Better Rankings

Have your results reflect how your shoppers are searching by automatically reordering your facets. You can even optimize new products by ranking facets based on category.

Answer Exact Search Queries With Precision

Sometimes, search needs to be precise. When your customers search for specific products, that's what they expect to see. Bloomreach makes accurate results possible, supporting part number search, brand search, and more.

Show Your Customers You Understand Them

Your search bar needs to always think of revenue. Bloomreach suggests search results based on your shopper's intent to boost satisfaction and loyalty.

Keep Customers Engaged With Content Search

Bring content and products together by surfacing blogs and articles in the search results. This will inspire shoppers and inform them of the latest trends. Plus, it'll give them the product education they need to purchase.

Show Product Images Based on Preferences

Display different product images based on the attributes a shopper searches for. For example, show plus-sized models to those who search for XXL clothing.


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The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Search And Product Discovery, Q3 2023

Site Search FAQs

Common questions about Bloomreach’s Site Search product with Bloomreach Discovery.

In a nutshell, on-site search helps customers find the products they're searching for on an e-commerce website. But it’s easy for brands to overlook how impactful on-site search can be on revenue. Even with a small percentage of customers using on-site search in some industries, it can account for 30-45% of your revenue. If your conversions through search are lower than this right now, then you’re leaving money on the table.

Ultimately, a website search tool is a part of the user functionality on your e-commerce website. Think of it as another aspect of a customer’s experience. It can streamline the product discovery process, increasing ROI, revenue, and brand loyalty. Read more about what differentiates Bloomreach's site search tool from the rest.

A lot of search engines return the wrong products, even for basic searches, and will give you manual tools to fix these problems yourself. But the truth is, trying to fix search with manual rules only creates more work for your team to maintain over time. Bloomreach's industry leading AI for e-commerce, Loomi, uses a type of artificial intelligence called "semantic understanding." With it, we can better identify words in each search query and retrieve the products that will encourage customers to convert. Check out this guide on search relevance for more information.

Site search in e-commerce serves a two-fold purpose. First, it ensures that your product data is complete, correct, and consistent across all channels. Second, it collects important customer data points to simplify product discovery in e-commerce. This helps your customers find the products they're searching for — and ones they didn't realize they needed.

Bloomreach supports product search for 34 major languages, meaning you can use it across all your websites, geographies, and currencies. Read about multi-language support.

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*Timing may vary by project and complexity

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