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For over a century, The Neiman Marcus Group has served unique needs of the luxury market with apparel, accessories, beauty products and decorative wares for the home.


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Neiman Marcus Direct delivers value to its customers by offering access to fashion from the world’s best designers and, more importantly, by carefully curating these designers’ offerings to create a distinctive product assortment. The company’s web strategy focuses on reducing friction.

When a customer comes to our site, they have already declared intent or interest in what we offer. We want to make sure that we do everything we can to convert them as seamlessly as possible.

Before Bloomreach, Neiman Marcus employed a number of strategies to optimize natural search. The majority of natural search traffic came from trademarked terms (terms that include the words “Neiman Marcus”) or terms associated with a designer. Reaching potential customers with focused but less specific intent was more challenging.

“Take the example of a black patent leather pump,” Shockey explains. “It’s a popular product among our customers, but it comes in a wide array of price points and is available from many different retailers. Because there is no way to determine whether a particular person would be interested in the type of products we sell, it’s a tough term to bid on through paid search. And with advertising costs continuing to rise, these more generic terms are getting even less profitable.”


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Bloomreach has helped us to acquire new customers because it touches people who might not know to search for our name, and who are using phrases that we wouldn’t purchase through paid search.

Aaron Shockey, Vice President of Digital Marketing and Advertising at Neiman Marcus


For Neiman Marcus, Bloomreach’s machine-learning organic search application, Bloomreach SEO (brSEO), provided an effective way to reach a new set of customers. “There is a whole channel out there in natural search,” Shockey notes. “Bloomreach gave us a way to get more and more of our content found in this channel.”

Neiman Marcus found the decision to deploy Bloomreach SEO an easy one to make. “Bloomreach provided us with a solid baseline for what we were doing before the deployment so that we could clearly see the impact of Bloomreach on our business,” Shockey states. “We quickly started seeing the results.”

Tim Wolfe, Director of Website Optimization, manages Bloomreach SEO on a day-to-day basis. “The technology works without constant monitoring,” he says. “and when I do discover an issue or come up with a new idea, the Bloomreach team has always been quick to respond. They have a lot of expertise and are very good about keeping us on top of best practices – in their area and outside it.”

Bloomreach SEO Brings Incremental Customers and Revenue

“Bloomreach SEO has had an incremental effect on both traffic and revenue,” Shockey reports. “it is helping us reach someone that we would not have reached before. Bloomreach SEO has helped us to acquire new customers because it touches people who might not know to search for our name, and who are using phrases that we wouldn’t purchase through paid search.”

Bloomreach SEO Helps More Products Get Found

Over 50% of Bloomreach-generated visits come from thematic pages, unique pages created by Bloomreach to address the specific intentions of searchers. “Thematic pages put a better assortment in front of the customer based on exactly what he or she is looking for,” Shockey says. In addition, Neiman Marcus has seen an increase in the number of pages being indexed by search engines.

Bloomreach SEO Extends the Strategy of Reducing Friction

Neiman Marcus sees the solution as a natural extension to its existing web strategy. “Bloomreach SEO takes our goal of reducing friction and moves it up the funnel to product search,” Shockey summarizes.

By understanding our customers’ intent and helping them find the right products on our site, we can make their lives easier and stay relevant to them.

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Bloomreach SEO (brSEO) is a powerful module of the Bloomreach Experience solution. Built for commerce sites to maximize the footprint of their catalog on search engines and drive more traffic, brSEO amplifies find ability in two ways: optimize for long-tail and improve link structure.