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NHS Digital

The UK's National Health Service (NHS) is the largest healthcare system in the world and the 5th largest global employer, with over 1.4 million employees. NHS Digital, the technology backbone of the NHS, had a patchwork of legacy technologies and no consistent customer experience across their many channels; a story applicable to most businesses today.

"We're really pleased with the flexibility the BloomReach platform provides us"

Roger Donald, Head of Digital Service Delivery

They were looking for a platform that would help unite their data sources and give their users a consistent, personalised, high-quality journey. They selected BloomReach’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to help them achieve their goals and take NHS Digital into the future.

Watch the case study webinar to learn:

  • Why NHS Digital struggled to give users a unified customer experience
  • How it transformed from a patchwork of disparate technologies to single a platform that unites their data sources and gives their users a consistent, personalised, high-quality journey
  • Why they selected BloomReach's Digital Experience Platform to drive their transformation

NHS Digital

NHS Digital

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