Marketing Intelligence and Insights

The increased demand for data-driven decision-making in marketing has created a new generation of marketers — marketers that are tech savvy, analytical, and looking for tools to go beyond what they thought was possible. Look no further: This is the future of marketing intelligence.

Real-time Product Recommendations

Use in-session customer behavior to compose personalized product recommendations for first-time visitors while they’re browsing your page. This powerful approach ensures that all your visitors get a personal touch, right from the first interaction with your brand. Real-time recommendations considerably increase the possibility of a conversion for each visit.

Consistent Recommendations Across Channels

Every customer has different preferences when it comes to digital interactions. However, their unique style remains across devices. The same applies to our recommendations. Regardless of the channel, we provide consistent product recommendations in all your marketing channels.


Understand Customers With Zero-party Data

Sometimes the best way to understand customers is to ask them. Know your customers and their preferences in real time and jump-start the level of personalization with zero-party data. Deliver on the demand for both privacy and personalization with a solution that lets you collect customer data and provide them with immediate value in exchange.

Use Predictions to Improve Conversions

Use predictions to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. Build prediction models in an easy-to-understand UI that's built for marketers. Combine multiple models to fit your unique business needs (e.g., probability of opening email and purchasing). 

Personalize for the Future, Not the Past

Derive insights from the predicted future behavior of your customers, in addition to past data. Discover high-value customer segments and target them with personalized content matching their future needs.

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Marketing Intelligence and Insights FAQ

Common questions about Bloomreach's Marketing Intelligence product with Bloomreach Engagement.

No. The reports are all fully customizable with a UI built for marketers, making it easy to build the report you want to build and find the next revenue generating insight. There's Bloomreach Academy, live support, or consultants ready to help you succeed.

Milliseconds. Thanks to Bloomreach's in-memory framework, customer behavior is taken into account in real time. That means our recommendations and predictions get better with every customer's click, even while they are in session.

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