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Don’t let your company fall behind as recession-like conditions arise in today’s market. Use first-party data and an all-in-one data platform to fuel your email personalization strategy and continue to drive CLTV — even in a turbulent economy.

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Automated Personalized Newsletters

A welcome series lays the foundation for a long-term relationship – it’s not enough to send a generic welcome email without considering both your brand promise and your customer’s behavior. The ability to segment and personalize the welcome series is a critical factor in making a big first impression.

Product Recommendations With a Personal Touch

Product recommendations within Bloomreach Engagement automatically deliver personalized content to customers based on factors such as previous browsing history, predefined rules, or machine learning thanks to our customer data engine. Marketers can create a dynamic Recommendation ‘block’ and pull that into email templates. This avoids repetitive work and personalizes the content to make it highly relevant.

First-Party Data Completes the Customer Experience

First-party data facilitates the magical experiences customers desire with your brand.

Drive buyers back to your website and give them that final push to purchase items they previously viewed by sending a personalized email notification letting them know that items they previously viewed are on sale. The watchdog automatic price drop alert notifies customers with a personalized email when items they were interested in go on sale. This drives revenue and brand loyalty.

Frequency management is key in ensuring your customers don’t get spammed by emails from too many campaigns. Most platforms offer a way to set up email capping as a generic frequency policy set for the entire database. With Bloomreach Engagement, Our Frequency Management works intelligently to take into account the level of interaction and engagement of individual customers.

Automate newsletters so they are sent to the right audience, at the right time, with hyper-personalized content. Reduce repetitive work by auto-populating content and using that time to focus on A/B testing, designing new scenarios, and analyzing campaign performance. See better metrics with 1:1 personalization and automatically send at the time the customer is most likely to engage.

Email personalization isn’t just about personalizing the content. It’s about personalizing the entire email experience, including delivery time. Bloomreach Engagement predicts the optimal send time for each customer based on a combination of data like browsing and purchase history and analysis of past open and click times. This leads to higher open and click-through rates.

BrewDog Increases Revenue 13.8% With Personalized Email Campaigns

An award-winning Scottish craft beer company founded in 2007 by Martin Dickie and James Watt, Brewdog is now the largest craft brewery in Europe, operating 54 bars across the UK and 44 international bars. BrewDog has a portfolio that includes breweries in the UK, US, Germany, and Australia.

There’s no magic wand with email

The process for many companies focused on email marketing these days is simple: clicks lead to conversions and conversions lead to revenue. But getting more clicks, conversions, and earning more revenue isn’t as easy as it can seem. There’s no magic wand to wave to make customers click on an email or make a purchase.

Using Email to Build the Brand

BrewDog took a group of 80,000 customers and split it down the middle as half received a non-personalized version of an email and the other half received an upgraded version based on personalized data. Specifically, the personalized 40,000 customers were split based on:
  • Web activity
  • Recent purchases
  • BrewDog investor status

Personalized Emails Increase Revenue

Adding in first-party and other personalized customer data made all the difference. The customers who received the personalized email clicked on it 15.6% more of the time, had a 11.5% conversion rate, and generated 13.8% revenue compared to the 40,000 customers who all received the same non-personalized email.

Ready to see what Bloomreach Engagement looks like?

Check out the email personalization prowess of Bloomreach Engagement today.

Ready to see what Bloomreach Engagement looks like?

Check out the email personalization prowess of Bloomreach Engagement today.