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Headless Commerce

Headless commerce platforms enable you to put powerful experience tools as the “head” and drive real growth at a fraction of the cost.

What Is “Headless Commerce”?

Current Situation

Traditional commerce platforms are all-in-one suites that handle both your transactions as well as the front-end experience.

Lately, an increasing number of companies are wanting more flexibility over how their site looks and what the experience is for their customers.

The Result

The result is that many companies are creating a new “head” (a new front end) for their digital experience using SPAs and other frameworks.

They have their commerce platform to handle just the checkout and transactions, which makes the commerce platform “headless”. 

Option 1: Keep your platform

You May Not Need to Replatform Commerce

You might be thinking about a replatform because your teams can’t do basic things like update a page layout or build a new landing page. 

Some commerce platforms have limited experience tools, but that’s not what they were built for.

They are great at handling carts and transactions, running promotions, managing checkout and building a catalog. But you cannot solve an experience problem with a commerce platform. 

Before you start the RFP for a new commerce platform, consider whether improving key areas of your experience (product discovery, content management, personalization) with API-based plugins from Bloomreach could help you solve the problem faster.

[20 min Webinar]: Do You Really Need a New Commerce Platform?

Option 2: Go Headless

“I Get It, but We Really Need a New Commerce Platform?”

If you absolutely need a new commerce platform because the “plumbing” of your digital house is broken, that’s great too!

Headless commerce platforms are fantastic for non-web experiences (want to build a commerce experience in your customers’ car or their fridge?).

In this case, you’ll still need a “head” (a front end) that sits on top of the commerce platform. You’ll want tools to adjust the layout of a page, create a landing page with products and content, or add personalization.

Bloomreach provides a “head” option that gives publishers the tools they need to effectively create exceptional front end experience. 

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RPV lift on

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We definitely get the sense that we are tackling more bigger picture problems, like how do we drive product discovery and expose users to new categories, new products, new services.

Doug Gribbel
Senior Manager of Global eCommerce Search



deployment with a headless architecture

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By separating the presentation layer of the website, we get much more flexibility to serve better brand and user experiences.

Michael Mantonl
Digital Trading Manager
Getting Started

How Bloomreach Works With Your Tech Stack

Bloomreach Experience (brX) brings flexible content management and intelligent site search and merechandising to API-first eCommerce.

Utilize our API-based headless architecture to fit in with your existing commerce platform and front-end technologies.

Option 1: Use brX to Power Your Entire Front-end Experience

For those looking for the advantages of a headless commerce solution with full personalization capabilities and great business user tools, brX can power your entire front end.

  • Built for headless, native support for SPAs
  • Use all five brX modules from a single interface
  • Integrations to leading Commerce Platform integrations, complete with accelerators to jumpstart your integration
  • Flexible hosting options
  • SPA Hosting with our preferred partners
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Option 2: Consume Our APIs Within Your Current Front-end or Commerce Platform

Keep your existing front end and use our APIs to power advanced product discovery or experience personalization.

  • Keep your existing front-end platform
  • Insert our APIs into your “glass”
  • Use our Javascript SDKs to easily inject experience and products into an SPA
  • Explore documentation
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Pre-Built Integrations to Get You Started Fast

Use out-of-the-box packages to get started with popular headless commerce solutions.

Getting started with brX doesn’t mean a lengthy implementation project - we’ve partnered with the leading headless vendors to offer these accelerators to reduce the time to live & accelerate development.

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